Solar Co-Op – How Does it Work?

solar co-op

When it comes to solar installation, great teamwork can make a difference; this is also true in the case of community solar farms. There may be no greater example of collective success with solar than solar co-ops. Completely free to join, becoming a solar co-op member opens up further opportunities to take advantage of affordable solar energy. Here’s what you should know about solar co-ops and how they may benefit your solar installation decisions moving forward! 

What is a Solar Co-Op? 

A solar co-op refers to a group of individuals, businesses, or both who work together to meet their energy needs; this type of communal energy cultivation results in bulk discounts that help all the involved consumers save money. Co-ops are usually free to join and completely member-managed. Thus, if you choose to become a member, the solar co-op will provide you with a bid from a solar installer selected from the group and time to determine whether you’d like to move forward with the installation. 

Solar Co-Op vs. Community Solar

At first glance, solar co-ops and community solar appear to be very similar to one another. However, there are distinct differences that set them apart. Community solar refers to a purchasing plan that allows homeowners to buy a certain part of a solar panel array. This small solar farm provides energy for a specific residential area. Alternatively, co-ops are an affordable payment option for homeowners concerned about the upfront installation costs of a solar panel system. 

How Does it Work?

Co-ops are almost always free to join, there’s no obligation to install solar panels, and the co-op regions may cover many counties in your area. The formation process can take several months, depending on the solar co-op’s location. Nevertheless, once a co-op manages to form at least 30 members, they select a solar installation company and negotiate an affordable price. The rest of the process discusses installation logistics and whether or not certain members choose to follow through with solar panel installation. 

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Benefits of Joining a Solar Co-Op

One of the most appealing aspects of a co-op is its affordable installation options for people who are still interested in going solar but may not have the capital to install a system of their own. Solar co-ops are flexible for people who don’t want to feel pressured into investing in solar panels or live further away from the co-op’s neighborhood. Solar co-ops are a community effort working together to create affordable solar installation options for all residents. 

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