Texas Solar – Energy Produced from the Lone Star State

texas solar

Our Lone Star State, Texas, has a unique opportunity to lead the country with its solar practices. Texas has advantages over most other regions of the United States in terms of solar power output potential. Texas is poised to become one of the largest solar resources in the country. As demand for energy continues to grow, the need for Texas solar power increases too. 

Solar panels offer sustainable energy solutions. Today, solar power’s scalability and affordability have never been greater; solar panel systems for commercial and residential use have little to no fuel costs, high electrical output, environmental benefits, and positive economic impacts. 

Support for using solar panels in Texas is nearly universal, as it just makes so much sense. Why not use the natural environment around you to produce clean and renewable energy? As an alternative energy source that’s abundant and affordable, there are so many reasons why Texas continues to be a top choice for solar panel installation and solar energy cultivation.

Here are some of the primary reasons why we consider Texas solar is a growing and sustainable industry:

An Abundant Supply of Sunshine

Solar panels need lots of sunshine to produce high-yield outputs. Texas can average over 5,000 kilojoules per square meter, which places it consistently in the top 5 sunniest states on average throughout the country. Unlike areas of the Pacific Northwest or South East, Texas has an abundance of sunny days primed for energy harvesting. 

Texas Solar – Growing Bigger Each Year

Texas currently has a solar capacity of over 6000 megawatts of solar panel energy and is in the process of installing much more; In fact, in 2020, Texas was the 2nd highest producer of solar photovoltaic (PV)-sourced power. The increased production of solar energy is helping Texas reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and energy produced out of the state. 

Texas Solar – Job Opportunities

The Texas solar industry is offering different types of jobs to people all over the state; this is because solar energy goes far beyond the panels themselves. To help the solar industry succeed, manufacturers need to specialize in glass, aluminum, construction, steel, and finance. 

The Texas solar industry has created an ecosystem that needs a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to sustain it, and many looking for long-term careers are focusing on solar.

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More Affordability in Texas

Efforts to make the solar industry affordable have proven to be effective. Even just ten years ago, a residential solar system may have been cost-prohibitive for most household incomes. But, thanks to improved manufacturing, financing partnerships, and advanced technology, solar panels are becoming more accessible for everyone. Since the introduction of solar panels in the last decade, the cost of electricity has reduced to 89%. 

Performance is Always Improving  

Solar panels provide the most power during the summer daytime hours. But, technological advancements in the panels themselves and battery storage have made the systems more effective in non-peak conditions. Solar panels don’t release emissions, nor do they make any noise. Best of all, the sun provides its energy for free! 

Sunshine Renewable Solutions has been at the forefront of the Texas solar industry since its inception. We’re proud of all the residential and commercial systems that we’ve installed across the state.

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