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Founded in 2017, Sunshine Renewable Solutions is one of Texas’ premier solar installation companies.

Our work is dedicated to providing reference-level residential and commercial solar installation. Harvesting solar energy is a growing industry and practice, and Sunshine Renewable Solutions exists to design and install the best systems for those who desire to be ahead of the curve.

We understand that installing solar panel systems for your home or business isn’t an easy decision, which is why we educate our clients throughout the entire process, from conception to installation, and offer turnkey solutions.

Our solar panel installation crews are certified technicians – specially trained on the latest systems and tech. We work with only the best solar panel products and distributors, ensuring our systems last for decades with only standard maintenance needed.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is one of the highest-rated Houston solar installers, with completed projects expanding across Greater Texas as well. Regardless of your experience with solar, we are here to provide a seamless system installation experience, regardless of energy needs.


Why Choose Solar?

Installing solar panels can help you discover energy independence and enjoy unlimited savings. The grid won’t control how much you pay for electricity. Instead, power companies will credit you for any excess energy you’ve produced!


The Sunshine Difference

Our Solar System Revolves Around You! We continue to exceed expectations when it comes to being a top rated solar installer. This is much more than a slogan for us—we truly mean it. We thoroughly enjoy getting to know each one of our customers’ unique stories and reasons for going solar.

The Cost Of Going Solar Today

Cost & Financing

At Sunshine Renewable Solutions, we take on the role of your personal financial analyst. As such, we’ll provide you with a detailed report tailored exactly to your home and electric consumption, which will show you how you can own your solar system with little-to-no net change in your monthly electricity costs.

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David Mis
David Mis
18:36 29 Jul 22
If you are thinking about solar, this is the company to talk to. We went through our options but in the end Shannon showed us it didn't make sense for our home. He was honest, straight-forward, and answered all my questions. I can't recommend them enough.
Mark McCombs
Mark McCombs
23:42 19 Feb 22
Sunshine Renewable Solutions is QUALITY. From the educational sales process to the quick installation. I could not be more satisfied. If you are considering solar, reach out to Sunshine and get them to consult with you. You WILL NOT regret it!
izzy karr
izzy karr
23:26 19 Feb 22
I am very happy with my Sol-Ark system! Paired with the fortress battery, it kept our power on throughout the last power outage. Sunshine is incredible. I highly recommend!
Jeff Kraust
Jeff Kraust
22:51 19 Feb 22
Sunshine Rwnewable solutions was extremely professional and one of the best companies we have dealt with! Highly recommend them.

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