Own a POWERFUL Home with Solar!

If you’re a homeowner thinking about solar panel costs in the Lone Star State, then now’s the best time as any to make the switch to Solar! Texans who are looking to switch from traditional electricity to solar electricity can take advantage of rebate programs and net metering incentives!


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Why Choose Solar?

Installing solar panels can help you discover energy independence and enjoy unlimited savings. The grid won't control how much you pay for electricity. Instead, power companies will credit you for any excess energy you've produced!

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The Sunshine Difference

Our Solar System Revolves Around You! This is much more than a slogan for us—we truly mean it. We thoroughly enjoy getting to know each one of our customers’ unique stories and reasons for going solar.

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Cost & Financing

At Sunshine Renewable Solutions, we take on the role of your personal financial analyst. As such, we’ll provide you with a detailed report tailored exactly to your home and your electricity consumption which will show you how you can pay off the cost of your solar system with zero net change in your monthly electricity costs. We call it the Sunshine Signature Financing Plan.


Check out what your neighbors are saying about us

“They were informative, open, and willing to discuss many different solutions.”

"I had a great experience discussing a solar solution with these guys. They were informative, open, and willing to discuss many different solutions. I highly recommend them for any and all solar needs."

Tyler Moore

“The whole process from the contract sign to the final installation was done smoothly and quickly.”

"We have been wanting solar for last 5 years and have reviewed at least 5 companies. We almost went with a big solar provider but came across Sunshine Renewable Solutions. We got top quality panels and materials for a very good price. The whole process from the contract sign to the final installation was done smoothly and quickly. I highly recommend this company."

Daksha Shanti

“We have had no issues with their work and highly recommend them.”

"I very much enjoyed working with both Sid and Jeff at Sunshine Renewable Solutions. They were professional and capably completed the installation of a 13.2 KW solar system at our home. All of the seven references I called were unequivocally positive about their installations. Sid was disappointed in how long it took for the City of Houston permit and CenterPoint approval process, however the actual installation went quickly. The system has just come online and is generating the expected amount of power to offset our yearly consumption. We have had no issues with their work and highly recommend them."

Henry Morris

“Jeff and his team did a wonderful job. We are very happy with the PV install they did for us.”

Fasih Agha

“Energetic team & professional staff!”

Xiaowei Tan

“Not only were they very professional and knowledgeable about their job, but they were also friendly and easy to work with.”

"We highly recommend the crew from Sunshine Renewable Solutions for the installation of a solar energy system. Not only were they very professional and knowledgeable about their job, but they were also friendly and easy to work with. We were pleased with their work and we enjoyed getting to know them."

Nancy Neal

“I’m producing now, and love the FAST neat work, attention to detail …”

"What a great company, commanded by young professionals, a Texas Tech Mechanical engineer, with other business degrees, and two,other partners, Sid, and Adam, who round out the team. They are personable, professional, and have gone through all the certification steps to be the best. I hunted for Solar for 3 + years. I had the famous company from California come, and got a price, for set up that only granted me 70% Of my Solar needs, for the same price that I got 96% of my usage from Sunshine Solar. They are the only company that is NABCEP Photovoltaic certified, in this area...

Anyhow, hope this helps, I've been wanting Solar for years, and finally got someone that knew what the hell they were doing, the way I would want the transaction to go."

Dr. Greg Alexander


Follow our journey of providing affordable solar panel installations to our communities across the Gulf Coast and Greater Houston Area

  • Unhappy with ITC’s release of benzene into the Houston area? Allow us to introduce you to another ITC—one that’ll make your adoption of clean solar power 30% more affordable. 
  • It was cold and rainy but we’re all smiles when it comes to installing solar. Especially when we were able to get our customer nearly $13k in solar incentives! Go solar now and take advantage of the last year of the 30% tax credit ☀️💲
  • We’re Solarizing this Riverside neighborhood in Austin, TX! Get in touch to see how you can take $2,500 of your total system cost along with the 30% federal tax credit! Special thanks to our amazing customers @cevichemiguel, @luc.lah, @camflo79 and @esteban_with_a_v!!
  • We’re a dedicated team that’s ready to stick with you from the initial consultation through the completed install. We do it all and we absolutely love helping our fellow #houstonians and #texans go #solar. 
Visit our website (link in bio) and sign up for your free site consultation today and see how much you can save your wallet and the planet by going solar!
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  • This Thanksgiving we are thankful for: the new members of our solar family and everyone that has given us a chance to do what we love, installing solar. The incredible friends, installers, engineers, and web designers that drive this company forward. And of course, the endless supply of the #sun that keeps us in business and inspires us to provide cleaner, cheaper energy everyday (although Mr. President might try and take credit for that too😛)
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