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Commercial Solar in Texas

Our Turnkey Commercial Solar Services Include

Commercial Solar Consulting and Goal Assessment

Solar panel consulting and goal assessment for your business are the cornerstones to the success of your solar project. Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers a complimentary solar consultation for your business. This is where we will set the course for the success of your project. First, we will focus on educating. Then, we will begin to work to design your solar system that will meet your needs and budget. Regardless if you go solar or not, Sunshine Renewable offers all businesses complimentary solar consultations.

Solar Project Finance Solutions

There are many options for financing your solar panel installation for your business. During this time, we will go thru all financing solutions that are available for your business. We will discuss financing products for for-profits as well as all grants & tax credit realization for not-for-profits. This will help your business understand all costs associated with the solar project before committing to going solar.

Solar Energy System Development

Once we have consulted and assessed your business for your solar panel project, Sunshine Renewable Solutions will then develop the right solar panel system for your business. The development phase is critical to set proper expectations. Amongst the development phase, items such as the cost, efficiency, and safety of the project will be reported on.

Design and Engineering

The design phase is where it gets fun. We will design a custom-fitted solar energy system to meet your goals. Depending upon your goals and property we will decide if a solar panel roof mounting, pole mounting, or ground mount is best for your project. We will decide how many panels you will need for your power load and how they should be positioned. Any equipment upgrades that may need to be made will be covered as well. Then, we will share final pricing & projected savings.

Project Permitting

Unfortunately, there is no standardized process for the permitting. Depending on state, local government and size and complexity of the project, the process can go quickly or move quit slowly. Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers our solar turnkey solution that includes obtaining all the necessary solar permits from your utility and municipality. In addition, we will obtain all materials for your project.


Rest assured that the installation of your solar energy system for your business will be seamless. Depending on the project, it can take between 2 days to 2 weeks or longer. Our team will install the solar panels to your roof or property. The solar panels will then be connected to the inverter getting ready for the final inspection.


Before you can officially start using your solar system, the utility or city will complete a final inspection. Inspectors ensure that the modifications to the building or grounds are up to code and that proper permitting was acquired for the project. Once the final inspection is complete, you can start producing your own electricity.

Operations and Maintenance

We offer customized solar operations and maintenance services to meet all of our solar systems for businesses. We offer monitoring and reporting, preventative maintenance as well as reactive maintenance. In addition, we handle solar service calls for other solar installations.

Energy Monitoring

Sunshine Renewable will monitor and provide reporting on your solar energy system. Solar panel remote monitoring makes this process simple by allowing Sunshine Renewable Solutions the ability to monitor thru alerts and notifications. We will run remote diagnostics and performance monitoring and reporting. This will help you rest assured that your solar system for your business is optimally running at all times.

Commercial Solar Panels in Houston, TX

At Sunshine Renewable Solutions, we understand that going solar isn’t in the cards for every business. That’s why we happily offer our customers a detailed complimentary commercial solar panel in Houston, TX! When you’re looking for solar panels for your business, our Solar Panel experts are the place to look. We also offer our commercial solar panel clients a selection of solar panels depending on your needs. Are you ready to take a closer look at taking your business solar? Give us a call at our Houston, TX office. We look forward to hearing from you.

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