Who Regulates Solar Power In Texas? Solutions and Rules

who regulates solar power in texas

Who Regulates Solar Power In Texas?

If you’ve ever considered installing solar panels to provide power for your home, you might have talked with a local solar company or distributor about how solar panels work, which options would be best for your home, and how the equipment can be safely installed.

However, installers don’t just follow their own safety rules and installation guidelines. Accredited solar installers must follow detailed federal, state, and local rules/regulations to ensure they are operating safely and legally. 

So, who regulates solar power in Texas? Let’s go over some of the guidelines and rules that installers in Texas must follow – as well as cover who sets the rules and regulations for solar cultivation in Texas. 

who regulates solar power in texas

Who Regulates Solar Power in Texas? -Solar Power Laws In Texas

Numerous entities play a role in regulating solar power in Texas, from the federal government down to the local government and municipalities. For example, suppose local governments choose to adopt the International Residential Code Appendix T. In that case, all homes within a specific area must be constructed with the space to build a solar panel system. 

Major municipalities like Lewisville, Houston, and Austin have adopted some form of this Appendix, creating more solar-friendly cities. This is just one example of how interconnected federal, state, and local laws regulate solar power in Texas and can help create more solar-friendly/solar-powered communities. 

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Who Regulates Solar Power in Texas? – Solar Power Protections In Texas

Solar panel laws in Texas offer protections for homeowners who want to install solar panels but may meet opposition from the community. For example, Texas Property Code Section 202.010 states that property owners’ associations cannot discriminate against those who install solar panels and cannot prevent homeowners from installing them except under very specific circumstances.

Those circumstances include:

  • If the solar energy devices are illegal or violate public health and safety
  • If they are located on common property within the subdivision
  • If they extend higher than the roofline, do not conform to the slope of the roof, or are not parallel to the roofline
  • If they are ground-mounted and extend above the homeowner’s fence
  • If they are installed in a way that voids the warranties
  • If they have an element that is not in silver, bronze, or black tone
  • If they are installed without prior approval by the HOA

Texas House Bill (HB) 362 backs up this law, disallowing property owners’ associations from outright banning the installation of solar panels.

If you’re looking to learn more about who regulates solar power in Texas, we’d be happy to provide more information.

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