Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels? Extraordinary Innovation

Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels

When you think of the company Tesla, you probably think of electric cars like the Model S. Electric cars are indeed Tesla’s featured product, but Tesla has gotten into the renewable energy game as well. They offer solar panels and the innovative Tesla solar roof system, both with the trademark sleek Tesla look. But who installs Tesla solar panels?

If you’re looking for a Houston solar installer, you may also want to know how to find a Tesla-certified installer. We’ll cover what you need to know below. 

Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels? – Tesla As a Company

Tesla does not pay for direct advertising. As such, the company’s products are its claim to fame. Because of that, they have a very stringent licensing and certification process. Tesla doesn’t simply rubber stamp any applicant to become a licensed installer – the applicant must provide a significant amount of data to demonstrate their expertise. 

Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels? – The Licensing Process

So, who exactly is a Tesla-certified solar panel installer? The entity must provide all of the necessary information to Tesla and pass the application process. Part of the process is stating which products the applicant will work with. 

If the installer wants to be certified to install Tesla Powerwalls in Texas, then he or she must indicate their intent and prove their knowledge of the product lines. Also, to become a Tesla-certified installer, the applicant must have some prior qualifications and be willing to undergo special training.

But who installs Tesla solar panels?

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Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels? – Training and Expertise

Before applying to become a Tesla-certified electrician, the applicant must already be a certified electrician. The applicant must work either for an electrical company or as an independent contractor to be considered for the highly-competitive certification of Tesla solar panel installer.

If the applicant is a licensed and working electrician and has submitted the necessary documents, they will move to the next process step: training. Tesla offers special training to ensure that their certified installers know their products inside-out before starting to sell/install their equipment.

The entire process, from application to certification, can take many months. It requires quite a bit of investment from applicants, as they must network, know Tesla’s products, fill out paperwork, learn about the brand, and of course, undergo extensive in-person training. The process is a rigorous one, and not every applicant becomes certified, and those that do are in an exclusive club of knowledgable installers. So, to answer the question, “who installs tesla solar panels?” Only the experts do. 

Who Installs Tesla Solar Panels?

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