What is Enphase Energy? An Innovative Company Overview

what is enphase energy

Did you know that we’re an official dealer and installer of Enphase energy products? But what is Enphase Energy? Well, Enphase Energy, Inc. is one of the leading solar energy  companies in the solar industry. 

We always want our customers to use the best solar equipment we can provide, which is why we’re proud to work with Enphase products. Here’s what you should know about Enphase Energy and why we remain a confident installer and distributor of their technology. 

What is Enphase Energy?

Enphase Energy, Inc. is an energy technology company that supplies micro inverter-based solar and battery systems. An Enphase micro-inverter allows consumers to control their solar energy through an app that lets them sell, make, save, or use electricity.

Founded in 2006, the company’s micro-inverter technology was groundbreaking for the solar industry at the time, and still sets the standard. These micro-inverters work with any solar panel and harmonize with their battery storage solutions to create an efficient, clean power system. 

What is Enphase Energy? – Enphase Products

Enphase is mostly known for its micro-inverter technology, but they also sell several other solar-related products. These products include solar batteries, EV chargers, communication systems, solar power accessories, cables, and even clothing. They’re also known for providing customers with a smart app that lets them control their solar power system. When installers use Enphase micro-inverters, they’re working with some of the most advanced technology available. 

What is Enphase Energy? – The Greatness of Enphase

Simply put, Enphase develops some of the best solar technology available for installers and consumers. They’re a reputable company with customer-focused values, high-quality products, and integrity. Many people use Enphase technology for their solar panel systems, with over 2 million homes served in 135 countries; this helps more people utilize clean, renewable energy while also opening up more job opportunities for a carbon-free future. 

What is Enphase Energy? – Enphase Energy and Sunshine Renewable Solutions

Sunshine Renewable Solutions has had a great working relationship with Enphase technologies. You can expect the following benefits from Enphase technologies:

  • Increase output and flexibility from micro-inverters
  • Solar power system monitoring
  • System safety via AC solar panels
  • Failure-free technology
  • Remote technical support
  • Single-phase or three-phase power
  • Battery ready
  • 10-year warranty for much of their product line

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a certified Enphase dealer and installer. We’ve worked with Enphase solar since the expansion of the Texas solar market began, and we’re one of the best local solar companies in Houston.

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