Sunshine Renewable Solutions’ Mission

How it began

July heat in Texas is quite simply a very miserable thing to endure. It’s degree of “miserable-ness” is significantly heightened when you are on top of a roof in the middle of the day, and the sun has just crested to it’s zenith in the sky. But as I stood on that roof sweating through my blue jeans, feeling my face burn and watching the sunscreen melt off my body, I was as content as I had been in a very long while. 2 rows of 7 solar panels rested on the roof, stoically absorbing the sunshine to power the home below. And the joy came from knowing that my best friend Jeff and I could say we put them there.

Our finished install!

In March of this year, I was in a different place: at a desk in an air-conditioned office, staring at a laptop for at least 10 hours a day. I was an auditor at an accounting firm, and everyday I was thinking of different ways to not be anymore. There was not enough learning enough to say I was developing positively. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that my work had little to no impact on the world. So by the end of April, I had left that job, but a new stress emerged. What in the world was next? Fate called me a couple of days later.

“Hey, I’m going to start a solar company”, Jeff said. “Come on board with me.”

Jeff has a way of always getting you excited, and we talked about all the possibilities and strategies we could implement. Nevertheless, I still wandered for a couple of months until finally he called me one afternoon in July.

“Hey come help me on this install. I need you.”

Hands-on manual labor had never been my strong suit, but I’ve always wanted something different. If I truly needed to be convinced about solar, this was the only way for me.

As I continued to stare at the solar panels that hung on Sean’s roof, I finally felt I had made a difference. Sean and his wife had been unbelievably hospitable to us during our 3 days of the grueling installation. In return, we had given him the gift of his own energy production. He no longer has to deal with lofty utility bill payments, and we got him closer to his goal of having he and his log cabin completely self-sufficient. Sean wanted the opportunity to enjoy his home on the river to experience a deeper connection with the natural world rather than a utility connection and all the complications that come with it.

Our amazing customer, Sean

After this experience, the mission for Sunshine Renewable Solutions has become clear. We want to create a cultural movement to change the way people think about and enjoy energy. We want to educate you and show you it is something you can own and produce yourself. Solar will connect you with nature and you’ll never have to worry about outside market fluctuations. Together, we will give back and protect our awe-inspiring planet.