The Sol-Ark 15k – A Lion Amongst Lambs

sol-ark 15k

In the first part of our Sol-Ark series, we discussed what a remarkable company and solar innovator Sol-Ark has become. Their equipment has set the standard in many categories regarding solar array performance for home and commercial practices. They are well on their way to becoming the reference point when it comes to whole-home solutions for solar power inversion and energy management if they’re not there already. 

The Hype Behind Sol-Ark Inverters Is Real

Many names are thrown into the ring regarding solar inverters, and Sunshine Renewable Solutions has worked with almost every one of them under the sun (pun intended). So, with all the fancy marketing, international branding, and nearly-unlimited resources, why do some of Sol-Ark’s competitors come up short of the Sol-Ark standard? Well, we believe it comes down to a commitment to the craft, not diversifying resources too heavily, and a heartfelt dedication to doing things right. 

The Sol-Ark 15K – One Inverter to Rule Them All

“You shall not pass!” Ok, the Sol-Ark 15k doesn’t scream Lord of the Rings quotes, but it is the one hybrid solar inverter that stands above the rest. Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into the pool of solar technology or long-vested in solar innovations, you’ve probably heard the name “The 15k” in the past year. The recently released hybrid solar inverter from Sol-Ark is a lion amongst lambs and has reset the standard from which all other inverters will aim to match. We wanted to take a moment to share why we (and almost everyone else) love the Sol-Ark 15k and how it’s already made a huge impression on solar installers and homeowners alike. 

Sol-Ark 15k – What You Need to Know

As a quick reminder/overview, a hybrid solar inverter will convert the DC supplied by the solar array to usable AC power, feed/manage a whole-home battery backup system, and gate the power coming in from or being sold back to the grid. It’s the hub from which the home’s entire energy management functions happen. 

Without going too deep down the rabbit hole of industry jargon and tech-driven metrics and stats, we’re going to outline why the Sol-Ark 15k kicks so much butt and why it’s our #1 recommendation for homeowners who want a complete, uncompromising, robust, whole-home power solution that will last for decades to come. 

  • Unrivaled Power Output

The Sol-Ark 15k can put out 15 kilowatts (hence the name) of continuous power via the PV (solar supplied) input or 12Kw of continuous power via connected battery storage. These are levels of whole-home energy support that very few inverter systems can touch, especially those made for residential applications. 

  • All-in-one Ease of Use

The 15k eliminates the need for multiple converter boxes and peripheral pieces of technology to get the system running; it’s all built into one beautiful chassis, which helps cut down on the designated installation space needed. For homeowners/operators, the on-board touch control panel makes daily operations a breeze. Of course, system monitoring and control capabilities are also built into the smartphone app. 

  • Battery Agnostic for Various Energy Storage Solutions

The 15k is highly versatile regarding which battery backup a homeowner already owns or desires to integrate. The system is designed to work with all available batteries—no need for adapters, converters, or full battery storage swaps. 

  • Multiple ‘Smart Mode’ Options

Homeowners can tailor how they want the 15k to operate. The various smart mode operations include net metering (energy sales), peak shaving, and an off-grid mode. These smart modes allow for seamless and hands-off energy operation. Whether it’s peak performance hours in the day, grid-tied support during peak usage hours, or sole battery usage when demands are lower, the 15k will accommodate all different types of demand. 

  • The Sol-Ark 15k – Unparalleled Build Quality 

We said it in the last piece, and we’ll say it repeatedly; Sol-Ark products are engineered and built in the United States. Also, the 15k comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. As ex-military designers and engineers, the build quality of Sol-Ark products is simply above reproach. 

As Houston solar installers working in both the residential and commercial sectors, we’re beyond satisfied with the solutions Sol-Ark has supplied us and our customers.

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