The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Panels in Texas

The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Panels
The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Panels

With fossil fuels becoming a thing of the past and green energy sources becoming more readily available, you’ve probably thought about investing in solar panels for your home at one point or another. 

Solar panels are a great way to save money on electricity while decreasing the fossil fuel pollutants we put into the atmosphere. However, like all major decisions, thought and deliberation is needed before making the final decision. 

As one of the premier Houston solar installers, we have a hard time finding the “cons” of solar panel ownership, but let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment and discuss the pros and cons of using solar panels in Texas. 

The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Panels in Texas

When determining whether or not to get solar panels for your home, the cost is usually the first thing that comes up. Solar panels are an excellent way to save money, as they harness the sun to power your home directly. Because of this, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars on energy bills just by having solar panels powering your home.

For some homeowners who know they won’t be in residence for long, it may not be worth the initial installation fees to eventually get the energy cost savings. The initial cost is what often drives some people away from owning a solar array; however, with each passing year, the technology gets better and more affordable for a wide range of markets. 

Weather Dependency

Solar panels require the sun to work, which is great as an alternative energy source, but they will not be as efficient if you live in an environment that is limited in sun exposure. 

While public solar farms usually have massive batteries that store excess power for cloudy spells, private residences typically don’t have batteries that could sustain a whole home for many days without any sunlight.  Fortunately, Texas’ typically sunny climate makes solar panel ownership a lot easier and more affordable to use than in places that stay dark half the year. 


Recently, authorities have started pushing for solar energy use nationwide. For qualifying homes, Texans who install solar panels may receive credits and rebates for state and federal taxes. 

The Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption also prevents homeowners from extra property taxes due to solar panels. While the state government doesn’t have many marked incentives for residents, energy companies offer discounts for installation as well.

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Maintenance and Moving

The idea that “solar panels pay for themselves” only rings true if you purchase high-quality panels for your home. Before buying, always look into the quality of your solar panels! A good set of solar panels won’t require much maintenance and will last for decades. If you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, solar panels are an excellent investment.

Regardless of your decision, clean energy is the future. As we continue to develop new methods of generating electricity, fossil fuels will eventually go extinct, and we’ll have more energy options to work with than ever before. Solar panels are a significant piece of that puzzle.

The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Panels

To learn more about the pros and cons of using solar panels in Texas, please contact us to get started on your solar journey! 

Solar is a quickly growing market in Texas and we’re happy to educate anyone who wants to know more about the technology and adopt it for themselves. 

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