Our turnkey commercial solar services include

Consulting and Goal Assessment

Solar panel consulting and goal assessment for your business are the cornerstones to the success of your solar project. Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers a complimentary solar consultation for your business.  This is where we will set the course for the success of your project.  First, we will focus on educating.  Then, we will work to design your solar system that will meet your needs and budget.  Regardless if you go solar or not, Sunshine Renewable offers all businesses complimentary solar consultations.  

There are many options for financing your solar panel installation for your business. During this time, we will go thru all financing solutions that are available for your business.

Project Finance Solutions

System Development

Sunshine Renewable will then develop the right solar panel system for your business.

Design and Engineering

Project Permitting

Our solar turnkey solution includes obtaining all the necessary solar permits from your utility and municipality.


Rest assured that the installation of your solar energy system for your business will be a seamless


Operations and Maintenance

We offer customized solar operations and maintenance services to meet all of our solar systems for businesses. We offer monitoring and reporting, preventative maintenance as well as reactive maintenance. In addition, we handle solar service calls for other solar installations. 

Energy Monitoring

Sunshine Renewable will guide you thru every step to take your business solar