The Best States for Solar – The Lonestar State’s Ranking

the best states for solar

So, what are the best states for solar? Before we get there, here are a few solar facts with wanted to share. Did you know solar energy has been used since 1839 and solar panels since 1941? Solar energy is a growing industry all around the globe, offering a clean and sustainable replacement for finite fossil fuels. In 2022, solar energy is one of the world’s most popular alternative energy sources! 

Back to the question, out of all the best states for solar energy production, Texas is #2 in the nation. A round of applause for the Lonestar state! Yes, with its climate, state incentives, and large-scale solar facilities, the Lonestar state is close to being the largest provider of solar energy in the US. Currently, the only state that pushes out more solar power is California. 

Keep reading to discover what makes Texas one of the best states to cultivate solar energy!

The Best States for Solar Potential 

Texas is one of the nation’s leaders in solar because of the state’s natural climate qualities and topography. As one of the top 5 sunniest states, Texas can average 5,000 kilojoules per square meter of sun.  

In 2020, Texas was announced as the home of the largest solar project in the nation. The Lonestar State currently has 13,844.9MW of solar installed, expecting to exceed 23MW in the next five years. In a state with abundant sun, the solar power possibilities are only limited by imagination. 

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The Best States for Solar – Green Energy Efforts

Texas’ green energy efforts have increased massively over the past 10-20 years. Breakthroughs have been made in wind, water, and, most of all, solar energy for the state. Texas is leading the charge on green energy with solar farms, facilities, and 506 commercial solar companies.

The Best States for Solar-State Incentives

Solar energy is one of the most popular and cheapest alternative energy sources for Texas residents, many of the reasons being the incentives offered by the state. First, solar panel owners can make money off their panels and lower their electricity bills if they generate enough electricity. The cost of electricity has decreased just from this past decade’s introduction of solar panels.

The state also offers rebates of $0.50 per watt, maximum of $5,000, to incentivize residents to use solar panels. Additionally, Texas has a Federal Solar Tax Credit to help with solar panel installation costs. 

Texas is a leader in solar energy and is currently #2 of the nation’s solar providers. The industry is fast-growing in the Lonestar state not just because of the great conditions for production but also because of the financial incentives awarded to all solar users.

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