The Best Solar Companies in Texas – 4 Qualities to Look For!

the best solar companies in texas

One of the best solutions for sustainable energy is available to all types of property owners today; spoiler alert, it’s solar. Sustainable and economical, Texas solar energy is gaining popularity as we move towards an eco-friendly future. The SEIA determines an annual solar energy growth of 33% all over the country!

Before going solar, it’s important to source one of the best solar companies in Texas. Here are some of the qualities you should look for when sourcing a solar installation company. 

The Best Solar Companies in Texas:

1. An Understanding of the Local Market

Big businesses thrive off brand recognition and larger-than-life marketing budgets but can forget to cater to individual cities’ needs. There are benefits to working with a local company familiar with all the local vendors and environmental needs of your region. A nationalized chain will not have an intricate understanding of your region/town/city; it’s simply a company attempting to infiltrate the market space. 

Local solar companies provide a more personalized experience and are readily available to you. The professionals designing your system should also live in the same area to give you the best options they would personally install on their homes!

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2. Knowledge of Emerging Technology

Companies must keep up with the newest technologies that improve energy efficiency and overall system performance. When sourcing companies installing solar panels, check their current models and evaluate the brands they use.

An elite company should openly provide its name brands and models to provide clients – if they won’t tell you the equipment they install, that’s immediately a red flag. 

3. Longstanding Relationships With Clients

Researching customer service reviews is another way to determine how reputable a company is. The best solar companies in Texas will be involved with the installation process and regular check-ups post-installation. Longstanding relationships with their clients show a company cares about the quality of their installations and the happiness of their customers.

4. Designing for Clients’ Needs

The best companies will tailor their service specifically to your needs. Trusted solar companies will evaluate your house in their first steps to ensure they design a system optimally for your needs. If they cannot meet those needs, they’ll recommend another trustworthy company that can. Also, they won’t over-design for the sake of a bigger bottomline. 

The pitch of your roof, the style of your home, the concentration of trees on your property,  and the overall size of your house greatly influence potential energy output. Sometimes, these conditions can make a typical roof-mounted system sub-optimal. A company should be honest with you and discuss all installation options before moving forward.

The Best Solar Companies in Texas – Don’t Work With Sub-Par Companies

It can be difficult to choose a Texas residential or commercial solar company when there are more than a dozen in Houston alone! But, by being a savvy shopper and identifying the signs of a great company, you’ll be able to source on of the best solar companies in Texas.

As one of the premier Houston solar installers, we’d love the opportunity to earn your trust and design a system that will keep you happy for decades to come.

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