The 4 Best Reasons To Start A Career In Solar Sales

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Very few of us have been lucky enough to go through life having never felt burnt out and unsatisfied with our careers. For those who know the feeling, the pandemic likely amplified those feelings and left you wondering if there was anything else you could do. Could you change your career path at this point? Could you find a company that values and motivates you? Was there a way to find work-life balance?

Last March brought monumental change upon the world, but through the hardships, opportunities arose. Many hunkered down and started focusing on all of those projects around the house they had been putting off for months or years. Some who were furloughed or laid off decided to learn a new trade or search for a new job. These two factors led to an increase in solar installs, a need for more solar sales consultants and a workforce ready to start on a new path!

We’ve listed a few of the best reasons to become a solar consultant, directly from our own experiences and those of friends and family working for other solar companies. Give it a read and see if it fits what you may have been looking for!

Solar Culture

Everyone talks about culture, but what does it actually mean? For some companies, it’s competition and results. For others, it’s creativity and progression. To us, culture means family, friendship, teamwork, fun, integrity and a sense of belonging.

We’ve found this to be common in the solar industry. Here, you often find like-minded folks longing for a sense of wellbeing. Some are just passing through, trying something new, but often they find what they’re looking for in solar sales and the various career paths offered in renewable energy.

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Uncapped Earning Potential

This solely depends on the amount of work you are willing to put in. It doesn’t require late nights, early mornings and weekends to make a stellar income in solar panel sales. The regular nine to five will get it done, you just have to make every hour in the day count.

Reputable solar companies will provide leads and you are always encouraged to generate leads yourself, as these almost always close at a higher rate. Once you get going, referral business can become your bread and butter. Like real estate agents, when you provide an awesome experience for your customers, they will tell people about it. If they move to a new home and want to install solar panels again, they will call you first.

It is well within reach to make earnings of $50,000 to $100,000 or more per year if you commit to your trade and believe in what you are selling!

Make a Difference

Most of us have a passion for saving the planet or humanity in general. Making money is not enough, we need to know we’re leaving the world better than we found it. We truly believe that renewable energy is necessary to stop climate change, and that we get closer to that goal with every home we install panels on.

With the advancement of solar technology, the price now allows our customers to afford this amazing investment. It’s become easier than ever to sell solar panels and give our customers the independence and peace of mind they are looking for. They too, get to feel that sense of accomplishment and pride knowing that their purchase is helping the planet and its inhabitants.

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Flexible Schedule

While you’re encouraged to office with your team during the week, your appointments with potential customers will take you away quite often. If you’re a person who prefers to be on the road, visiting and educating people on the benefits of solar energy, you will find your home in this industry.

You have the freedom to set appointments during the week or on the weekend, and how you split your time is totally up to you. The flexibility this affords you makes it much easier to take care of your personal needs and daytime errands. Though, we’ve found that having the office as a home base without being chained down means that we gather there often. Making calls, returning emails, planning your meetings and collaborating with the team are much more fun when done together! Bouncing ideas off of each other and checking in on our progress creates a collaborative and exciting atmosphere that fills up your motivation tank and sets you up for success.


If you’ve been thinking about making the switch but have no solar experience, we highly recommend checking out NABCEP’s website and certifications. This organization is highly respected in the solar world and will give you the confidence to jump into a new career.

Are you excited yet? Are you ready to change it up? You can do it! Also, make sure to check out our careers page to learn more about joining our team.

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