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Texas Solar Panels

The decision to install solar panels in your home in Texas may come after incurring high utility bills or realizing the harm caused by the burning of fossil fuel for power. Whatever your reason, Sunshine Renewable is the premier solar company in Texas. Not only do they install quality systems, but they are proficient in this area, guaranteed to offer the best Texas solar panels.


If you are new to solar panels, your head is probably swimming with endless questions. Well, rest easy because Sunshine Renewable has come up with the perfect guide for solar installation in your home and business. Right from the amount of KW Solar energy needed, which is the amount of solar energy in Kilowatts, to tips to choosing the contractor, we’ve got you. That said, here is a complete guide to Texas solar panel installation for all residents of El Paso TX, Amarillo, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Houston:

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My House?

Depending on your roof size, location of your home, weather conditions, and home usage, the number of solar panels you need varies. A typical homeowner needs 28 to 34 solar panels to fully meet their energy needs. On average, most domestic households consume about 10,400 kWh annually. With 250 watt solar panels, this amounts to 30 or so panels to meet the annual consumption comfortably.

Can I Calculate My Own Solar Panel Estimate?

First, you have to determine how much KW Solar you use per year. Luckily for you, this is a straightforward question since utility companies indicate how much power you consume for the past 12 months. Comparing two or more yearly consumptions and calculating the average will give you the answer you need. As such, you’ll have the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity you use in a year.


On average most American households consume about 800-11,000kWh annually. From here, you should compare solar panel production ratios in the U.S., both the highest and the lowest. That said, Arizona’s is 1.3, and Maine’s is 1.61. You should then take your average consumption, divide it by the respective ratios then divide that by the wattage of the solar panel. This way, you’ll get both the highs and lows for the number of Texas solar panels you’ll need.


Golden Tips When Choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company in Texas

  1. Compare Different Quotes From Different Companies

Homeowners who get multiple quotes save 10% or more. Just like you compare different sellers when buying clothes, appliances, and cars, you have to compare prices. Research and review popular companies to avoid inflated rates given by large installers. Note that smaller contractors will typically give the best deal, but review their work to qualify their work.

  1. The Biggest Company Does Not Necessarily Mean the Best Deal

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recommends that consumers compare many solar contractors to avoid inflated prices by industry superiors. You’ll notice that large brands do the most in advertising, which results in inflated prices. To avoid this, simply explore smaller contractors who are proficient.

The whole point of going solar is saving, so over-inflated prices do not make sense. Nevertheless, assess their quality of work. You would rather pay more for a longer-lasting system than less for counterfeit and substandard services.


  1. Assess the Quality of Solar Panels.

As you collect the bids, assess the quality of equipment used. The best solar panels have excellent efficiency and guarantee longevity. Don’t just save now, but save in the future too.

Get the Best Texas Solar Panels and Installation Services.

When looking for superior performance in solar panels, give Sunshine Renewable a shot. We have set the industry benchmark in reliable and predictable energy in all climates and applications be they residential or commercial. Our solar panels also come with warranty protection, are easy to install, compatible, and scalable. We give the best, at the best rate to take care of all our clients.


Solar energy means you’re taking cognizance of the earth, and we are together in the race for a better earth. A such, we are determined to offer long-lasting and affordable services to everyone! Contact us today for this and more!

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