The Texas Power Grid and Switching to Reliable Solar

texas power grid

As the Texas power grid outages continue to be an issue for Lone Star residents, some energy consumers are now being asked to conserve their electricity usage to not tax the grid during the most demanding months of the year. 

However, solar batteries allow consumers to use pre-generated power without relying on the temperamental Texas power grid. Here’s what you need to know about the most recent power conservation requirements and why solar batteries paired with a robust system can help live an interruption-free life at home. 

The Texas Power Grid; Power Outages – Solar to the Rescue

Hot weather continues to leave Texas residents without power. In response to the growing number of power outages across the state, Texas residents are now being asked to conserve energy usage. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) came forward to tell consumers to keep their thermostats at 78 degrees or above between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. They also asked consumers to avoid using large appliances during this time. 

The Benefits of Solar Energy Storage 

Consistent Access to Power

Some residents are concerned about Texas’s power grid, especially after the power outage crisis of February 2021. Thankfully, solar energy offers a solution for consumers interested in getting off the grid. 

With backup systems, you no longer have to worry about being without power for long periods of time. Solar batteries give you power without the need for unsustainable fossil-fuel-based backup generators. If power outages continue to become a constant headache for Texas residents, it’s much more ideal for consumers to utilize solar energy solutions. 

Lower Utility Costs

If the power generated by the Texas power grid is unreliable for you and your home, it’s time to consider the financial and convenience benefits of using solar backup power. After a power outage, the energy needed to keep your home up and running is stored and ready for use with a reliable solar energy storage system. You may still have to pay for additional energy costs, but at a lower rate than if your home fully relies on the grid.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Overall, switching to solar power is far more eco-friendly than relying on Texas’ increasingly unstable power grid. Many people use backup generators to bring back electricity when the power goes out temporarily. However, these heavy air pollutants require fuel to keep powering your home. 

Solar backup batteries don’t need any fuel to work and completely run off of solar power generated during the day; solar battery backup systems can reduce your carbon footprint. 

If you’ve been concerned about the power outages in Texas, Sunshine Renewable Solutions is happy to answer your questions about going solar. We’re a local solar company with a highly capable professional team of certified installers. 

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