Texas Green Energy Efforts

texas green energy

Every year, Texas is expanding sustainability measures while still having abundant energy and resources, largely thanks to Texas’ green energy efforts!

The use of harmful energy sources like fossil fuels continually harms the Earth. Fossil fuels are deadly to the environment due to their contribution to air pollution, water pollution, and increased global temperatures. As an added challenge, fossil fuels, as a resource, are finite. 

However, alternative energy solutions are plentiful, and the future of Texas green energy looks encouraging! Here are a few alternative energy solutions that are gaining popularity in the Lone Star state.

Texas Green Energy – Wind 

What exactly is the purpose of those large wind turbines dotting fields all over the state? Well, those create wind power! According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, about 15.7% of the state’s energy comes from wind power.

How the wind turbines work is through the spinning of the turbine blades. The wind’s natural aerodynamics cause the blades to move, which in turn spins a generator that creates electricity. Even something as pleasant and natural as a cool Texas breeze can provide a sustainable energy source.

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Texas Green Energy – Water 

Water power, also known as hydropower, is created from the movement of water through turbines that spur a generator, much like wind power. Although it only creates about 1% of Texas’ energy, it is one of the country’s most common renewable energy sources. 

You’ll see more hydroelectric power plants in areas with large-scale rivers and lakes. Hydropower is used with elevation differences, such as dams or manufactured structures. Due to its inexpensive cost and reliability, water power is another great alternative energy option.

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Texas Green Energy – Solar

Last but certainly not least is solar power! Solar companies in Texas are leading the charge in creating a greener future for our planet. Solar energy works by extracting energy from the sun through its UV rays. 

Solar panels on solar farms or residential homes capture the UV rays and convert the energy into DC electrical current with photovoltaic cells. The DC electricity is converted to house-friendly AC electricity for daily use. 

Solar is one of the most efficient, powerful, and abundant sources of energy that we know of, and it’s inexpensive and accessible. Another benefit to solar energy is that it can lower your monthly electricity bill.

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