Solar Site Survey - Internal
(number of roof faces whose underside can be accessed from within the attic)
Anything relevant to the upcoming installation which couldn't be made clear above & may not be obvious in your photos.

Photos Checklist

Looking for structural features, such as trusses, purlins, collar ties, or knee walls.
Looking for obstructions such as pipes, attic vents, & chimneys.
Looking for changes in eave height.
Nearby trees, tall buildings, etc.
...including guttter boxes.
Writing must be legible.
Writing must be legible.
Amperage rating must be legible.
Stay clear of any bare metal inside of panel. Writing must be legible.
STAY CLEAR OF ANY BARE METAL INSIDE OF PANEL. Looking for wire gauge, which is usually followed by 'AWG.' Writing must be legible.
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