Tesla Solar Panels – What’s The Big Deal?

tesla solar panels

Tesla solar panels, that’s right, Tesla produces more than the electric smart cars you see around town with their large computer screens and slick design. The company has earned a reputation for the beautiful sleek design of its solar panels, especially in the Texas solar marketplace. In addition to design, Tesla solar panels offer great efficiency and effortlessly connect with their other solar solutions. 

Tesla Solar Panels vs. Tesla Solar Roof

It’s important to note that Tesla offers a solar roof and solar panels, and these two products are distinctly different.  A solar roof is a fully integrated solar and storage system using solar roof tiles, and Tesla solar panels are installed on an existing roof. While the solar roof is undeniably intriguing and exciting tech, it’s not yet as consumer-friendly and affordable as the tesla solar panel systems are. 

Tesla Solar Panels – How They Look

Tesla’s solar panels look strikingly different from other solar panels on the market. They have an all-black, sleek finish. Another aesthetic feature that helps the panels blend in with your roof are the front skirts and concealed mounting hardware. Tesla solar panels offer beautiful curb appeal since they look sophistically integrated onto the roof.

Tesla Solar Panels – How They Work

Four sizes of Tesla solar panel installations are available: 4.8 kW, 9.5 kW, 14.4 kW, and 19.2 kW. Tesla panels are guaranteed to work for up to 25 years at 85% capacity. They compare well with other manufacturers offering maximum efficiency ratings of 19.3% to 20.6%. 

When using solar panels to power your home, a solar inverter is required, and Tesla offers one that operates at 97.5% – 98% efficiency. The Tesla solar inverter is highly-rated and comes with a 12.5-year warranty. The Tesla Powerwall is the company’s proprietary solar energy storage system. Tesla bundles every solar purchase with Powerwall, allowing customers to install compatible battery backups from the get-go.

The Tesla solar panel system has three components: the panels, solar inverter, and Powerwall battery backup. When using Tesla’s entire solar panel system, you can be confident in your system during times of need. The Powerwall battery bundle option and high-efficiency inverter make Tesla solar panels stand out among their competitors. 

An App to Manage Your Tesla Solar System

Tesla solar customers also have access to a highly rated and helpful app to monitor solar energy production and usage. The app has features that include Powerwall battery customization. When storms are approaching and you feel vulnerable to power grid failures, the app allows power usage and storage adjustments anywhere, at any time. 

Certified Tesla Solar Installer

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