How to Choose the Best Solar Installer

How to Choose the Best Solar Installation Company?

The United States’ solar market grew by 82% in 2018. The U.S government, NGOs, manufacturing, and installation companies are making substantial efforts to make America green. There are numerous reasons why every American household wants to install solar panels on their properties.

Using solar panels for creating electricity means no release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Because the sun provides us more and more energy than we will ever need, electricity generated from solar power is an important energy source and likewise a good move to clean energy production.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should go solar – and today, you will find many companies that offer installation and maintenance services. However, you must know that not all of them offer state-of-the-art services. So, what to look for in the solar company or how to choose the best solar installation company?

In today’s blog post, we will give you some useful tips which you can use or apply to choose the best solar company and have a high return on investment. We recommend you to read this post thoroughly in order to get the most out of it!

Houston, TX Solar Install Project


The first step is to seek recommendations when you opt to look for an experienced and professional solar installation company. Simply put, recommendations are suggestions from your family members, friends, colleagues, or other people around you. After getting the recommendations, you can also do your research online and seek more.

The benefit of finding more installation companies from both offline and online platforms is to have a much wider field of choice. For instance, if a person has been served professionally by a particular company, he or she will recommend you to hire their services.

However, suggestions from them should not be the final word and you can’t make your decision based on them. Seeking recommendations from others is just the first step to find the best solar company in town.


After getting various suggestions from your family members, friends, colleagues, and other people, it is time to start hunting for the best company. Remember, your solar panel installation company should be a professional and expert in the installation of all types of solar energy systems.

A professional solar power installation company has certified and qualified employees in the field of electrical installations. Expertise and professionalism come with experience, staff, and quality of tools. Therefore, such a company must demonstrate its competence and skills in the field of solar installation.


Another important thing to consider is the “location” while choosing a solar power installation company. Everyone needs a company that they can count on always. So, it is important to make sure that you choose a company that operates within your locality.

In addition, a solar power company situated near you means affordability, flexibility, and reliability. If you are looking to hire a company that originates from a different U.S state, you need to ensure they have local offices in your locality with enough employees and tools for the installation.


Most people choose installation service providers – primarily based on the lowest bid. We suggest that the cost of installation services must not be the sole determining factor of your choice.

Moreover, it is important to consider the pricing of the company as well as other factors as mentioned herein. We recommend you to go for the most affordable company but make sure they deliver high-quality installation.

Do you need solar installation services in Houston, Texas? Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers high-quality solar panel installation service for both residential and commercial properties. “Sunshine Renewable Solutions” is a popular company with many years of experience in the solar market. They have qualified, certified, and experienced staff who use top-notch quality tools to get the job done accurately and professionally.

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy Generating panels roof mounted

What can you gain from using solar panels?

Energy independence.

The grid won’t control how much you pay for electricity anymore, instead they’ll end up paying you. Your solar power helps strengthen the grid by self generating solar energy.

Unlimited savings.

Your environmental-saving solar system will end up paying for itself. Power companies have buyback programs that will credit you for the excess energy you’ve produced. In addition, having solar panels appreciates the value of your home and even gives you special tax advantages, including a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

How can I save 30% off my solar energy system?

30% Federal Tax Credit

The calamity of the 2003 Northeast Blackout forced the United States to address our solar energy deficit. The national crisis determined solar power as a necessity and most importantly as a demand for safety and national security. As a nation we began to focus on solar initiatives by implementing new policies, increasing funding and research, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Initiative – The Future of Solar Energy. Policy makers have responded to the solar demand by offering tax benefits.

One of the biggest incentives for installing solar panels in your home is to take advantage of the 30% tax credit currently offered until 2019. The 30% Federal Tax Credit offered means that 30% of the cost of the solar system can be taken off your tax liability. The 30% credit amount is only in effect until December 31, 2019. The federal tax credit will then be reduced to:

• 26% in 2020
• 22% in 2021
• 10% after 2021

Homeowners with a yearly income and qualified credit score are eligible for the tax credit.

What are the environmental advantages of solar?

Solar energy has immense, long-term potential for a better, safer and cleaner future.

Using solar energy prevents millions of pounds of fossil fuels from being burned and releasing toxic chemicals into the air we breath. So why aren’t we using more of it? Because we are naturally hesitant to change and most of the time full of excuses. We’ve been underestimating the benefits of solar for decades. However, the lack of solar electricity generated has proven to be a serious problem for the planet and its entire population.

Solar electricity is produced by using photovoltaic cells to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Convential electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Using a carbon-free energy source stops pollution and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the economical advantages of using solar?

At the end of 2016 in Houston the average price per watt was $3.22 without applying the 30% Federal Tax Credit. The total cost breakdown for a complete solar panel energy system is shown below.

The total cost of a solar energy system depends on the size your system needs to be in order to power your entire home or building. Your historical energy consumption can be used to estimate the approximate size your solar energy system needs to able to produce for your home. However, the attributes of your home’s roof will determine if the size your solar panel system needs to be is even viable and capable of producing energy efficiently. Your solar panels energy system feasibility are dependent on your roof characteristics, i.e. its size, facing direction and amount of shade it receives. That means that sadly not every home is optimized for solar panels.

Remember that purchasing solar panels are only beneficial if its placed for optimal sun exposure to provide you with enough savings. Do not puchase a solar energy system that is not designed to completely maximize solar efficiency with a system specifically for your amount of energy consumption. The severity of purchasing an inefficient solar system would be like buying a brand new electric car that is supposed to get about 80 MPG, but instead runs like an old truck that gets you only 12 MPG. Be aware of the sales scams that sell solar panels, but offer a poorly inefficient solar energy system. Unfortunately not every home can actually benefit from switching to solar.

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Is Solar Energy a Good Investment for Residential Properties?

Is Solar Energy a Good Investment for Residential Properties?


Home owners who integrate residential solar panel systems in their homes receive countless benefits and are always in advantage. Due to the residential solar panel, they have lower electricity bills, higher home values and low carbon footprint associated with the houses. But a residential solar panel system installation can be costly and require more maintenance than any other form of plant installation. However, the type of house is what determine whether the residential solar panel installers will charge you more or less for installing residential solar panel system.



Residential solar panel system without any doubt increase the value of residential properties despite the fact that its also dependent on the location of the residential property. According to the research $1 dollar that you save on your electricity or energy bills can add almost $20 to your home’s or residential property’s value.

Moreover, the location of the residential solar panels and the location of your house can also increase your residential property’s value as the residential solar panel installation yields more returns when installed in more developed areas.

The size of your residential panel system is directly proportional to the value of your residential property. The more photovoltaic plates there would be, the more your property’s value is going to be. So, you must look for the best residential solar companies which consider this fact.

Larger houses require large residential solar panel system. Ultimately, the homeowners would need more residential solar panel installers. It will be costly but it will increase the residential property’s value depending on how big the residential solar panels are.

There are many energy renewable laboratories who are studying about how solar energy can be a good investment when it comes to installing the systems on the residential properties. Many of the research facts show that this is a viable and a beneficial investment and property owners who integrate residential solar panel systems in their homes can benefit largely in the mean future.

Furthermore, they’ve given reasons why solar energy can be a good investment for residential properties. Here are some reasons why best solar companies are hired for residential solar panel installation on a wide spectrum.



We know how much dreaded you feel when you see a hefty power bill in your mail. Having the right residential solar panel system can get you rid of this problem. But, ensure that you must have good residential solar panel installers so that an efficient and effective residential solar panel system can be designed within your budget. Make sure to install the residential solar panel system which can maximize your bill savings as much as possible. Unfortunately, the power bills are going up and increasing at a steady pace. So, installing residential solar panels to your residential property can be a good investment for your future self.


A good investment is where you can generate something well for your future self. Energy from the sun hits your home or your residential property every day, even in the winter season or in tough weather conditions like rainstorms. When you invest in residential solar panel installation, you harness natural energy which generates electricity.

This can be used to run electricity at your home. Its good to invest money in something through which you can save energy depending on your home utility. the more energy you’ll save, the more credited power will be provided to your home. If you don’t have residential solar panels installed in your home, the power given to you by the sun almost every day is lost.


Installing good solar panel systems can be a good investment for the future generation. Investing on residential solar panel installation can be one of the easiest forms of investing in a sustainable future for the next generation.

Deforestation and usage of fossil fuels is already on peak, the least we can do is have the residential solar panels installed from best solar company so that our home can have less carbon footprint and power consumption. Investing in this cause is an amazing way to see that you care about the increasing pollution caused by burning of non-renewable energies. For example, installing a 1kilowatt solar panel system can prevent 1.5 tones of carbon footprint per year. Amazing isn’t it?


Your residential solar system is a long-term investment as it will start giving you your invested more back in the future. The longer you have the solar system installed for, the more advantages and leverages you have. Most of the solar panel systems from best solar companies pay off in less than 5 years and increase the property value of homes.

As there’s an expected shortage of electricity in the mean future, you are investing today for your future self as you won’t have to face any electricity shortage problem in future.


Residential solar systems can also be expanded depending upon the energy requirements of your home. It is not limited to few residential solar panels. Instead, you can always increase the number of your residential solar panels at your home’s roof top. However, you should install your solar panel system from reliable residential solar panel installers that can provide you a system with potential growing needs of your residential property.


If you are looking for the best solar company for residential solar panel installation, then you must pay at least a visit to the website of Sunshine Renewable. This company offers to provide you with the best solar panel system for your home. They are giving you advantage of net metering incentives and rebate programs.

Moreover, they calculate your cost for residential solar panels installation before proceeding. That’s why, you can always reveal your budget and financing limitations to the company without any hesitation. Their customer service is remarkable. They are responsive and quick towards their customers’ queries. In short, it’s the best solar company where you can have your residential solar panel installed. They make your investment in solar energy worth it.

Is Solar Worth It Yet?

Is Going Solar Worth It Yet?

Many homeowners like yourself are now wondering, “Is the solar technology I’ve heard of for years generating a sufficient return yet?” It’s no secret that solar power has grown into a trend, but is it merely trendy, or is it now a smart decision? Has solar panel cost come down far enough to make the expense of installation worthwhile?

Homeowners in Houston, Texas and throughout the US are increasingly investing in renewable energy. The US has added more solar power (2.5 gigawatts to be exact) than any other for the generation of electricity in 2018, which means, solar now accounts for around 55% of all electricity produced in the US.

The current trend in the US is only a reflection of a broader global shift when it comes to using solar power as a source of energy for homes and businesses. According to data collected from the United Nations Environment Program, solar energy attracted $160.8 billion in investment last year, and is all set to become the fastest growing electricity source globally. So, is now the right time to join the green revolution in Texas? Let’s find out.

State Of The Art: Photovoltaic Modules

Solar technology has grown to heights unimaginable by its inventors, but never since its inception has photovoltaic technology advanced at the rate that it is today. A quick peek into the current state of the art, here.

The Cost Of Going Solar Today

Is rooftop solar within reach today—and more importantly—does it finally cost less than the value of the energy it produces? Get some insight, here.

Solar energy is more cost-effective, accessible and prevalent in the US than ever before. Since 2010, the average solar panel cost has dropped by 60%, while the cost of a solar electric system has fallen by 50%. Since markets of solar energy are maturing rapidly in the US, and the world, going solar has now become more economically viable than ever, especially in US states such as, California, Texas, Minnesota and Hawaii. Apart from being the cleanest energy source available, using solar power is also leading to better economic growth, job creation, and in mitigating the effects of climate change, making it an appealing solution to meet the rising energy demands of modern society.