Sunshine Renewable Solutions is now a certified Tesla Powerwall Installer
Tesla Powerwall is a battery backup for your home's solar panel system.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is now a certified Tesla Powerwall Installer

Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is now a certified Tesla Powerwall Installer.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is your premier turnkey solar solutions provider for residential and commercial clientele.  With our mission of “doing good by our community and the environment that sustains it,” we look to provide our customers with only the best-in-class solar equipment.  So, when looking at the solar battery options, we partnered with Tesla.  This partnership allows us to install Tesla Powerwall in Texas. 

What is the Powerwall?

The Powerwall is a compact and straightforward battery that stores solar energy.  It is an entirely automated system that installs easily and requires no maintenance, allowing you to use the energy on demand to self-power your home or business.  This will reduce your reliance on grid electricity.  In the event of a grid outage, Powerwall automatically provides backup power and easily integrates with solar to ensure your home or business is powered 24/7. This assures energy security and a clean energy lifestyle.  Also, it is entirely safe with liquid thermal controls and touch-safe technology to maximize battery life and safety. 


Powerwall will automatically back up your home during an outage.  It detects a grid outage, disconnects from the grid, and brings power back to your home or office in a fraction of a second. That is over 100x faster than typical standby generators.  You won’t even have to reset your clocks or your alarm!

Features and benefits of the Powerwall:

  • Self-Powered Home

    Make use of solar and Powerwall to reduce your reliance on the grid and to run your home off solar day and night.

  • Solar Day and Night

    Powerwall stores solar to continuously power your home with sustainable energy day and night.

  • Backup Power

    Protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power

  • Time-Based Control

    Reduce your electricity bill if your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan

  • Home Energy Control

    Manage and control your home energy use in real-time with the Tesla mobile app. The best part is, the Powerwall will continue to improve and adapt to your lifestyle.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions and the Tesla Powerwall

If you have been considering a battery backup option, now is the time to act.  Powerwall installs are very popular in Texas now.  Sunshine Renewable Solutions is here to help.  Contact us today to get all the information you will need to take your home to the Powerwall! 

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