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Will my home value increase if I install solar panels?

Will my home value increase if I put solar panels on them? Solar energy is considered to be cleaner, greener and cheaper as compared to the electricity purchased from other utility sources. Solar panels can reduce electricity bills; even the government promotes solar energy with federal tax credits for solar[…]

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Return On Investment

Our customers pay an average of $2,000 per year for dirty power from their electric company. (Your household’s current cost is likely very near to this figure.) This means that, considering zero inflation of price per kWh from your utility, you will have paid them roughly $50,000 after 25 years.[…]

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30% Federal Tax Credit for Solar Energy Systems

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows new owners of solar energy systems to deduct 30 percent of their installation cost from their federal tax liability. There is no cap on its value. This means that, as long as you own both your home and your solar system, a full 30 percent of the[…]

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Is Solar Energy a Good Investment for Residential Properties?

A HOME WITH RESIDENTIAL SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM- WILL IT PAY OFF? Home owners who integrate residential solar panel systems in their homes receive countless benefits and are always in advantage. Due to the residential solar panel, they have lower electricity bills, higher home values and low carbon footprint associated with[…]

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solar panel cost

The Cost Of Going Solar Today

If you’re a homeowner who is thinking about solar panel cost in the Long Star State, then now’s the best time as any to make the switch to Solar, and here’s why? Figuring out the best way to finance the solar panel system for your home can be a daunting[…]

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