Sugarland Solar Installer

Sugarland Solar Installer

Ready to Go Solar in Sugarland, TX?

Let Sunshine Renewable Solutions Install Solar in Your Sugarland Home.

Sugarland, TX, located in Fort Bend County, is a suburb of Houston, TX.  Currently, their population is roughly 118,000, with a median property value of $309,000.  The homeownership rate in Sugarland is 83%.  One way to raise your property value is to install solar panels on your home.  So now is the time to take your home solar!


Why Go, Solar?

Solar energy is clean energy that is produced by the sun. Sugarland, on average, has 208 days of sunshine.  You can use that sun to power your home.  So not only are you leaving no carbon footprint, but you are saving money on your energy bills.  You can also take advantage of solar tax credits, zero-down financing, and robust equipment warranties making solar not only a lucrative financial investment but also a safe one.

How Does Solar Work?

Solar energy is produced from the light of the sun.  The sun’s light is converted into energy by solar panels. Those solar panels have a direct current (DC) electricity. That electricity is then channeled into a solar inverter.  The inverters job is converting that DC electricity from your solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity.  AC electricity is what is usable in your home.  You use the electricity you need, and if there is excess, it is sent back to the grid while monitoring your phone’s performance.

When looking at solar system options, there are many options on the market.  One advantage of working with a licensed Texas Electrical Contractor such as Sunshine Renewable Solutions is, they have already vetted the best solar panels and equipment on the market.  The solar panels companies that we have partnered with are Peimar, LG, S-Energy, Panasonic, JinkoSolar, Mission Solar Energy, Silfab Solar, Q-Cells, and CanadianSolar.  For solar inverters, we partner with Solar Edge, Enphase, Sol-Ark, SMA, Fronius, and Yashawa Solectria Solar. Furthermore, for solar battery backups, we work with LG, Sol-Ark, Enphase, and Tesla. These solar products are the best in the market and offer unique attributes depending upon your goals.

Sugarland Solar Installer

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a Houston based solar installation company that has done many solar panel installation projects in Sugarland. We offer a turnkey solution for everything solar, starting with a free consultation. During this consultation, we will deep dive into your goals with going solar. This will allow us to provide you with a customized quote and show you the savings solar will provide your Sugarland home. We will also discuss the entire process with timelines, so you understand each step along the way.

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