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Sunshine Renewable Solutions is Spring, TX’s premier solar installation company.  We offer solar consultations and installations to homes and businesses in Spring.  Please take a look at some of the projects we have completed in and around the Spring, TX vicinity.  Each solar installation we have done is unique, and we are eager to speak with you to discuss your solar install.  First, let’s look at some benefits of solar, solar tax credits, and Sunshine Renewable’s solutions to Spring residence. 

Spring Solar Company

Spring, TX Solar Benefits

Spring, TX, located in Harris County, possesses the same climate as Houston’s humid subtropical climate. With sunshine year-round, Spring is prime for households and businesses to take advantage of solar panels.  This alternative energy will use the sun’s rays to produce the energy you are paying for now from energy companies, either lowering your bills dramatically or eliminating them altogether.  Furthermore, you will be reducing the carbon footprint that you are leaving on the Earth as you are producing clean solar energy for years to come.

Are you ready to learn more about installing solar panels in your home or business in Spring?

Spring, TX Solar Tax Credits

When considering going solar in Spring, TX, one must take into the solar tax credits. 

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers solar investment tax credits to all Spring, TX homes and businesses.  The tax credits are meant to help solar customers reach their breakeven point faster from their solar investment.  The ITC provides a 22% tax credit for solar panel systems in 2021.  Also, Congress has passed a multi-year extension for the federal solar investment tax credit.  Below is a breakdown of the ITC.


  • 2021 solar installations will yield a 22% solar tax credit
  • 2022 commercial and utility customers will yield a 10% solar tax credit. While the residential solar installation will not have any additional tax credit.


So, the time is now to act to ensure you receive the 2021 federal tax credit in Spring, TX.

Spring Solar Company
Sunshine Renewable Services in Spring, TX

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a Houston headquartered solar installation company that has completed solar projects in Spring, TX.  While we know every solar installation is unique, many of our customers enjoy our turnkey solar services.  We separate ourselves from our competition by our level of communication throughout the process.  We understand this is probably the first time you are going through the process, and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through it step by step.  We start with a free solar consultation (https://sunshinerenewable.com/free-quote/).  Here we will assess your solar goals.  We will provide an analysis of solar products and potential savings.  With your goals in mind, we will work with you to develop and design a solar system that will meet/exceed those goals.  Once the project is finalized, we can help with the following as well:

  • Solar Panel System Financing
  • Solar Permitting
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Solar Panel System Inspection
  • Operations and Maintenance on your solar system
  • Energy Monitoring

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