Solar Repair Services

solar repair services

Solar energy systems/solar arrays are known for their reliability and longevity, lasting decades when properly cared for. However, like any complex technology, occasional issues requiring professional attention can arise.

In this article, we will explore some common issues encountered in the field when it comes to solar repair calls. From monitoring software glitches to hardware malfunctions, we will discuss the importance of solar repair services in maintaining optimal system performance. We will also introduce the concept of solar uninstall-reinstall, which addresses the need for system removal and reinstallation when a new roof is required.

Solar Repair Services – Common Solar Issues

When homeowners or businesses encounter issues with their solar installations, there are common problems that often require professional repair services.

One common issue is when a solar panel is not reported in the monitoring software. Monitoring software is crucial in tracking system performance and identifying any deviations or malfunctions. When a panel is not reporting, it indicates a potential problem that needs to be addressed promptly: this can be something as simple as updating software or something more complicated like a wiring issue.

Occasionally, the entire solar system can register as inoperative; this could be due to various factors, including electrical faults, equipment failure, or wiring issues. Professional solar repair technicians are trained to diagnose and rectify such problems, restoring the system’s functionality. If solar companies can diagnose the issue remotely, it’s a great sign the issue is not a big one. 

Roof leaks can also pose challenges for solar installations. While solar panels are designed to protect the roof underneath, roof leaks may occasionally occur. This can be for several reasons, ranging from a rushed/poorly designed installation to a loose gasket around a mount. It is essential to address these leaks promptly to prevent damage to the panels or the underlying structure.

Hardware vs. Software Issues and the Need for Uninstall-Reinstall

Regarding solar repair services, in our experience, approximately 75% of the issues encountered are hardware-related, while the remaining 25% are software-related. Hardware issues include problems with panels, inverters, wiring, and other physical components. Software issues, on the other hand, are often related to monitoring systems or data reporting, or a lapse in software updates. 

In some cases, solar repair services extend beyond fixing existing issues. For homeowners or businesses planning to replace their roofs but have solar panels installed, a process known as “solar uninstall-reinstall” becomes necessary; this involves temporarily removing the solar panels to allow for roof replacement and their subsequent reinstallation.

Older Installations and the Need for Repair or Replacement

As solar technology has evolved over the years, older installations, particularly those from the 1980s and early 1990s, may require repair or replacement. These older systems may experience efficiency loss, degraded components, or outdated technology. Professional solar repair services can assess the condition of these installations, provide necessary repairs, or recommend replacement options that meet current industry standards and maximize energy generation.

Solar repair services play a vital role in maintaining the optimal performance of solar energy systems. With common issues ranging from monitoring software glitches to hardware malfunctions, it is essential to address these problems promptly to ensure uninterrupted energy production. By relying on professional solar repair services, homeowners and businesses can enjoy the long-term benefits of their solar installations.

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