Solar Rebates and Other Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Texas

arge Scale Solar Install in El Paso
arge Scale Solar Install in El Paso

Did you know that a very small fraction of the energy that the sun produces in one hour could meet the global energy needs for a whole year? Fascinating, isn’t it? Solar energy is one of the most underrated and underutilized forms of energy in the world. This is why Sunshine Renewable Solutions is committed to helping you utilize the cheapest and most efficient form of energy on earth.

Solar Rebates in Texas

There are various solar rebates in Texas which include federal, state, and local incentives. Texas does not have a statewide solar credit system. However, local governments offer great incentives to homeowners who want to go solar. The rebate offered for residential households is $0.50 per watt with a limit of $5000. The rebate offered to commercial operators who decide to go solar is $0.5 per 25 KW and $0.25 for figures above 25KW.

Other Benefits of Going Solar in Texas Apart from Solar Rebates;


Solar energy is the most renewable source of energy on the planet because it is available on a daily basis. We can never run out of solar. It can be harnessed from any part of the globe, and we do not have to worry about when sunshine will die. The sun will be there for over % billion years, according to scientists. Other forms of energy are depletable, but solar energy is not.

Low Bills

With solar energy, you get to save on electricity bills. The amount you save will depend largely on the size of your solar system and the level of electricity usage in your premises. Additionally, if your solar panel is connected to the grid, you may get paid for generating solar energy. This happens if you generate more energy than you consume. Amazing, right?


One of the greatest benefits of using solar energy is its diverse applications. There is no limit to the number of ways in which solar energy can be used. Solar energy can be used to light up your home, provide heat, or even distill water in areas without access to clean water. Solar energy can also be used in space to power satellites.


In areas where other forms of energy cannot be used or applied, solar energy is the solution. In areas where there is no connection to electricity, solar energy covers the gap. It is readily available in areas that lack civilization or even proper infrastructure.

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Why Do Authorities Offer Solar Rebates in Texas?

The authorities in Texas encourage you to go solar for purposes of conserving the environment in the following ways;


  1. Reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gasses emissions; other energy sources like the use of coal cause emission of harmful gases to the environment. Solar energy, on the other hand, does not produce any harmful gases into the environment. If solar energy replaced all other harmful energy sources, there would be an 80% reduction in the production of harmful gases.


  1. Electric vehicle advantage; with access to powerful solar panels, you can switch from using a regular fuel car to using an electric vehicle. It would be cheaper for you, and it would assist you to be environmentally friendly. Additionally, you will not be inconvenienced if there are fuel shortages in your area. How convenient, right?



  1. Water conservation; you would wonder how solar energy helps you conserve water. However, the use of solar energy requires minimum use of water compared to other sources of energy like coal that need a lot of water to facilitate cooling. Using solar energy does not interfere with water sources in your local area, and that means that the natural system is not interrupted.


  1. Conservation of finite resources; using solar energy reduces the strain of scarce natural resources. The global population is increasing by the day, but the amount of coal, oil, and natural gas is continuously reducing. Using solar energy will reduce the use of these finite resources to be used for longer by future generations. Solar energy is not facing any risks of depletion, and we can use it as much as we want.

Solar Energy in Texas

Texas is one of the cities with the greatest potential for solar energy. As a matter of fact, its potential has been increasing over the years. The city has adequate access to sunshine making solar energy cheap and convenient to use. For anyone in Texas who wants to save on their electricity bills, solar energy is the way to go.


It can be used in homes, business premises, hotels, and even for street lighting. Create a better and cleaner Texas by using solar energy. All you have to do is give Sunshine Renewable Solutions a call, and we’ll have you sorted.