Solar Permitting Processes: Automation May Lead The Future!

Solar Permitting

The need for renewable/sustainable energy sources has led us to invest more in solar energy now than ever. In the sunniest states, residential and commercial solar energy systems are becoming commonplace, especially on the roofs of large neighborhoods. While the switch to solar comes with many benefits, proper solar permitting is needed to ensure that the installations are done correctly, safely, and up to municipal standards. 

What’s a Solar Permit?

A solar permit allows homeowners to install solar panels on their property. All solar companies must receive a client’s permit before installing solar panels in Texas. Solar permits are government-mandated and, much like other building permits, require an application and vetting process before approval. All buildings in Texas require a solar permit to have solar panels installed, whether it’s through a residential or commercial solar company.

Why Switch Now?

The United States government currently provides homeowners and businesses with tax credits for installing solar panels on their properties. Solar energy is now more efficient and affordable than ever; the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act provides citizens with larger tax credits that cover nearly every aspect of solar panel installation.

Getting a Solar Permit in Texas

So, how do you get a solar permit in Texas? 

Solar Permitting – The Forms

First, you’ll need to fill out a Solar PV System Application, which covers your general solar panel installation plans. The form is a checklist that covers how large your panels are, where they’ll be installed, and what kind of building receives the installation.

The application will also include space for installation planning, including any blueprints, an installation timeline, and if any other electrical projects will occur on-site at the same time. 

These checklists vary from county to county, so it’s best to check with various Houston solar companies for more information regarding local applications. 

After filling out the application, you’ll need to send it to the local government (usually the town hall).

Solar Permitting – The Wait

After applying, it’s time to wait. The current problem that solar companies in Texas face with installation permits is the sheer amount of red tape barring speedy installation. The government must review the application several times before approval; this can take a few weeks or months for smaller projects, but for larger projects, the process can even take years.

Why Automate The Solar Permitting Process?

While it’s far from streamlined just yet, by automating the review process, solar panel permits can get approved much faster since they’ll cut out the middleman that must read and review each section of the checklist. 

Solar permitting automation essentially streamlines the review process by cross-referencing local construction, zoning, and electrical codes with the information presented on the resident’s application. 

With the advent of exciting programs like SolarAPP+, using an online portal for approval could speed up the solar permitting process exponentially. 

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