Solar Performance Monitoring; Sol-Ark’s Solutions

solar performance monitoring
Data analytics are everywhere these days, including solar array performance. Solar performance monitoring is crucial for maximizing the energy output of a solar array system. By accurately tracking their system’s performance, solar owners can identify any inefficiencies, make adjustment opportunities and even diagnose any problems, ensuring that their solar array is performing optimally. Like one would run diagnostics on their car, monitoring solar system performance can simultaneously catch issues and opportunities. 

Solar Performance Monitoring

Several tools are available in the market to help with solar performance monitoring. These tools include energy monitoring apps, energy meters, and real-time performance monitoring solutions. Sol-Ark offers monitoring solutions that check off every box a homeowner could want. Of course, we love Sol-Ark and all the solar tech they produce, but it’s not just us! Sol-Ark offers proprietary solar performance monitoring tech, setting the standard for the rest of the industry. 


Energy monitoring apps are a popular tool for solar performance, as they’re extremely convenient. These apps allow users to monitor their solar array system’s energy output from their mobile devices. They provide real-time data on the system’s energy production, usage, and storage. Some energy monitoring apps can also alert users to any problems with the system, such as a sudden drop in energy production. The proprietary Sol-Ark Powerview Pro app is designed to work seamlessly with Sol-Ark’s hybrid solar inverters. It provides real-time monitoring of the solar array system’s energy output, usage, and storage. Users can also use the app to remotely control their Sol-Ark inverters, change settings, and update the firmware.


Energy meters are another necessary tool for monitoring performance, as they provide a more detailed view of a solar array system’s energy production and usage. They can measure individual solar panels’ energy output and track individual appliances’ energy usage.  Sol-Ark offers an energy meter as part of its solar eco-system; their meter is designed to work seamlessly with Sol-Ark hybrid solar inverters. It provides detailed information on the system’s energy production and usage. Real-time performance monitoring solutions provide real-time data on a solar array system’s energy output, usage, and battery storage Sol-Ark is one of the best solar vendors in the world, which is why the best solar companies trust their products for installations. As proud Sol-Ark distributors and installers in Texas, we’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding solar solutions.
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