Solar Panels and Hurricanes – Built To Withstand The Elements

solar panels and hurricanes

Solar panels and hurricanes, can the technology withstand the punishment? Solar panels can be a tremendous failsafe for residential and commercial properties. If your power goes out during a storm, you can use stored solar energy to power your home until the grid comes back online. Solar arrays must be able to endure high winds during storms, and your solar panels can’t serve as a backup power source if they’ve been blown away.

In this article, we’ll cover solar panels and hurricanes – and how well-installed systems are stable and strong enough to stand up to punishing weather. 

solar panels and hurricanes

Solar Panels and Hurricanes – Overview

Southeast Texas gets its share of hurricanes. In fact, according to the Texas Comptroller, 2017’s Hurricane Harvey caused $125 billion worth of damage. What’s more alarming is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted there would be a “65% chance the hurricane season will be more active than usual” this year, per an article in the Texas Tribune.

You won’t have to worry if you’re looking to install a solar array system from a local solar company. Solar panels are weather-proofed and rigorously tested, which is why they’ll still work in extreme weather conditions, like hurricanes. 

Solar Panels and Hurricanes – Rated for Tough Conditions

Whether you purchase solar panels individually for your residence or source solar energy through a solar co-op, they are rated against harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, and hail. Solar companies must create durable solar panels in states prone to severe weather, particularly those with high winds. For example, Texas requires solar panels to be rated to tolerate 110-mile-per-hour winds!

Hurricanes are dangerous because their strong winds can turn loose debris into deadly projectiles. Thankfully, solar panels installed in Texas are tested against these types of conditions. 

Standard testing includes firing golf ball-sized pieces of ice at 70 miles per hour. Solar panels have been tested with hailstones whizzing through the air at 260 miles per hour. Some solar panels were tested with baseballs. The glass on these panels is incredibly strong, like your car’s windshield.  

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Solar Panels and Hurricanes – Built To Handle The Elements 

Solar panels are fastened to your roof with long screws driven directly into your home’s roof beams to keep them in place; this minimizes the risk of being ripped off your roof during a hurricane. They can also protect your roof from getting hit by flying debris. 

If there is a hurricane and your power goes out, having solar panels as a backup power source could make a big difference and even save lives! 

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