Solar Panel Warranty: Understanding Product vs. Power Coverage

solar panel warranty

When investing in solar panels, it is crucial to consider the warranties offered by manufacturers. Two key aspects of solar panel warranties are product warranty and power warranty. 

This article will delve into the distinctions between product and power warranties, highlighting the significance of clear degradation rates and emphasizing the importance of choosing the best solar companies in Houston for reliable warranty coverage.

Solar Panel Warranty: Managing the Different Types

A solar panel product warranty primarily covers any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise over time. This warranty assures the customer that the panels will function as intended and will not have any defects that could impact their solar performance. Typically, Houston solar panel product warranties last for around 25 years, providing peace of mind and protection against potential manufacturing flaws. 

On the other hand, a Houston solar panel power warranty focuses on the guaranteed power output of the panels. This warranty assures the customer that the panels will generate a certain level of power for a specific duration. Power warranties often extend beyond the product warranty period, and their duration varies among manufacturers. The power warranty also includes an important factor known as the “degradation rate,” which outlines the expected decline in power output over the warranty period.

It is important to consider the degradation rate outlined by the manufacturer. A lower degradation rate signifies a slower decline in power output, indicating higher efficiency and longevity of the panels. By choosing panels with a low degradation rate, commercial property owners can ensure a more reliable and consistent power generation over the years.

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Details on Warranty Coverage

Typically, the best solar panel manufacturers offer both a product warranty and a power warranty that align with each other. A standard warranty from reputable companies in the industry often includes a 25-year product warranty and a corresponding power warranty. This comprehensive coverage ensures that customers are protected against manufacturing defects while also guaranteeing a certain level of power output over the warranty period.

For commercial solar installations, it is important to choose from the many reliable Houston solar companies and commercial solar installers that offer robust warranty coverage. Commercial installations often involve larger-scale projects, and any issues or defects in the panels could have significant financial implications. Commercial property owners can greatly benefit from extended warranty coverage and professional support throughout the lifespan of the solar panels.

When it comes to commercial solar installations, partnering with experienced commercial solar installers is advisable to ensure optimal warranty coverage and ongoing support. With reliable warranty protection, solar panel owners can work towards commercial solar panel energy independence and maximize the returns on their solar investment.

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