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What Different Ways Can You Mount Solar Panels?

By now we all have some level of knowledge of the benefits of going solar.  Whether a business or a home, solar panels will allow you to produce clean energy while lowering or even getting rid of your electricity bills.  Once you decide solar panels are for you, it’s great to learn about the various solar panel mounting options available. 


Solar panels can be mounted in a variety of ways.  Photovoltaic mounting systems are used to mount solar panels to surfaces such as the roof and the ground.  Each project is unique and requires a proper assessment of the space to come up with the best possible solution.  So, let’s explore the 3 options currently available for homes and businesses.


1. Roof Mount – Solar Panel Mounting Options

A roof mount is a popular option when exploring solar panels for your home or business. The roof mount must have full sun exposure and be in good condition.  The roof mount is the most dangerous of the mounting options.  This is due to the fact that the installer will have to climb up the roof and attach them without doing any damage to your roof.  In addition, some may not like the look of the panels on the roof.   There are options available now, such as SolarSkins, that provide curb appeal to your solar panels. 


2. Ground Mount – Solar Panel Mounting Options

If your roof is not a good option, you can always mount solar panels to the ground.  The ground mount is a frame that will mount directly to your property.  One major advantage of the ground mount is it will allow you to tilt them in the optimal direction for maximum sun exposure.  This will ultimately increase the efficiency of the panels all year long.  In addition, if your solar panels are located on the ground, it will make it easier for maintenance and cleaning.  So, if you have enough land with no trees blocking the potential spot, a ground mount may be a good option for your solar panel installation. 

3. Pole Mount – Solar Panel Mounting Options

The last option is the pole mount.  This is a rack or frame built to hold the solar panels by one pole. This becomes a great option if you have less land, as they take up less land than ground mounts.  In addition, the pole allows the panels to be off the ground, so you don’t lose the ground space.  This option can be more convenient than the roof option for maintenance and cleaning as well.

As you can see, there are 3 mounting options when considering your solar panel installation.  There are pros and cons of each mounting option.  A consultation to access the best option for your project is the first step to ensuring the correct option is made.   Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers complimentary consultations for all of our customers.  Here we will go over the goals of your project and the desired outcomes.  We will be able to come up with a plan to not only mount your solar panels but take care of all necessary steps of the project. 

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