Solar Edge Inverter Installed to Houston Home
Solar Edge Inverter; Houston Texas

Solar Panel Inverters – A Quick Guide

Solar panel installations for your home or business can be an overwhelming process. There are so many factors to consider during the solar panel installation process. From solar panels to battery backups to solar panel inverters, the research can be endless.  Solar panel inverters are a necessity and here you will find a quick guide for solar panel inverters. 

A solar panel inverter is a critical piece of equipment in a PV system.  The inverters job is to take the DC power from your solar panel and turn it into AC power.  The inverter will connect directly to the inverter which will tie into your household electrical panel.  The power is sent to the home to run appliances and will even turn back the meter with excess energy.  You can check out tax savings as well. Inverters come in a few options:  sting inverters, central inverters, and microinverters. 

String Inverter Solar Installed Set Up for Buisness
Commercial Install of Solar Panel String Inverters; Katy Texas

Solar Panel String Inverters

String inverters are a tried and true answer to solar panel installation without shading issues and where solar panels are positioned in the same direction.  It is important to emphasis that not even one solar panel can be shaded if you want your solar panel system to run at full capacity.  This is due to the fact that if even one solar panel is shaded that all panels will suffer.  Even though they can’t handle shade, they are a less expensive solution than systems with microinverters.  String inverts are used in both residential and commercial solar panel systems. In addition, the string inverter can be paired with optimizers. 

Large Central Solar Inverter Business Set Up
Central Inverter for Solar Panel Farm

Solar Panel Central Inverters

Central inverter works similarly to string inverters but at much larger capacity.  These are used for large solar panel installations, as they can support more strings of solar panels.  You will typically see a central inverter at a commercial solar panel project.

Micro Inveter Set up on Katy Texas Home
Installed Microinverters

Solar Panel Microinverters

Microinverters are module level electronics.  That means one will need to be installed on each solar panel.  The microinverter converts the DC power to AC power at the panel level so there is no need for a string inverter.  So, this is a great option if one or more of the solar panels are in a shaded area.  The panels in the sun will still operate at full capacity.  Another positive with microinverters are their monitoring capabilities. They monitor each individual solar panel.  If you have shaded areas and/or multiple solar panels on different angles, microinverters may be the best solution for your solar panel installation even know they maybe a more expensive option.

Depending on the solar panel installation site and budget one of these inverters will be mandatory when developing your system.  Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers complimentary on-site consultations.  This will help you better understand the equipment that will be mandatory in the solar panel system.  After the consultation, you will be presented with options that will help meet your goals of going solar. 

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