Solar Installation Cost in Texas

Cost of a solar install
Cost of a solar install

How much will solar cost in Texas?  A question we get every day.  This is an excellent question from our customers but a question that will require many factors to be determined before a concrete answer can be provided. Let’s take a look at three factors you should consider when looking at a solar installation’s overall costs at your home or office.

First, we will look at a solar installation cost breakdown.
This breakdown will cover the solar equipment, installation and permits, and operation.

  1. Solar Equipment – The equipment, the most significant cost to your solar panel system, you will need for your solar panel system will need to be determined. The equipment you will need will vary but may include solar panels, solar panel inverters, solar panel mounting hardware, and wiring.  In addition, you may choose to add a solar panel battery backup system that can be helpful if you live in an area prone to blackouts.  The price of the solar panel system is based on its capacity, measured in watts. How big a system you need will be based on how much energy you use, your roof’s sunlight exposure, and panel efficiency. 
  2. Solar Installation – Once the equipment is determined, and the system is designed and engineered, the installation and permitting phase will bring costs to the project. This is the second biggest cost factor when calculating solar installation costs. These costs are mostly labor hours and any costs associated with permitting with the city and state level.  Working with a licensed and insured solar panel installation company is necessary to ensure the solar system’s quality and warranty are correctly handled. 
  3. Solar Operations – Once your solar system is installed and up and running, there are additional operational costs. The monitoring and maintenance of your solar panel system are imperative.  In addition, there may be repairs down the road that you may want to take into consideration when determining costs. 
Solar Installation Cost

Second, when looking at the costs of solar installation, you have to take into consideration the incentives that exist.  There are federal and local incentives.   Items such as tax credits, rebates, local electricity rates, net energy metering can help shorten your solar panel payback period and maximize your savings long-term.  Working with a local solar panel installation company can help you realize all of these incentives. 

Lastly, when looking at solar panel installation costs, you must consider the cost of doing the Earth’s right.  The sun produces energy that is a renewable energy source.  When you decide to go solar, you are reducing your carbon footprint, which positively impacts the place you live.


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