Solar Industry Trends Expected in 2023

solar industry trends
Solar Industry Trends Expected in 2023

Solar panels are a wonderful renewable energy source that is becoming more affordable than ever. Clean energy is the future, and it is available for your home, farm, or office as a reliable source that you can trust for years to come. 

Read on ahead for the projected solar industry trends of 2023, and learn how you can benefit from them!

Solar Industry Trends

Solar energy has gone up in popularity by 33% going into 2023. Other forms of energy, such as coal and natural gas, have been very popular in the past. Still, with the effect of climate change more apparent than ever, many businesses are hiring solar companies to help them make the switch. 

Multiple big-time coal companies have recently gone bankrupt, reflecting these companies’ outdated energy models and disregard for the planet’s wellbeing. The word is in— solar power is the future. 

With the word increasingly out about the benefits of solar power, many people are wondering how they can start utilizing this eco-friendly solution.

Solar Industry Trends – Using Installers

In 2006, the United States government began offering solar panel tax credits to those who chose to use solar power, which created a booming industry. That industry has continued to grow, and as it does, the prices of solar panels have become increasingly affordable for homeowners. 

Solar panels can help you save money on bills, become more eco-friendly, and even offer tax benefits. Property owners in big towns like Seattle and Houston have wondered how to get in on the action.

So how do you go about getting solar panels safely installed on your home? Having an industry expert available to install solar panels is always a good idea; using professional solar panel installers will give you peace of mind that your solar array system has been safely installed and working properly.

Solar Panels in the Future

The U.S. The Department of Energy states that between 2010 and 2017, the average cost of solar-generated electricity went from twenty-eight to six cents per kilowatt-hour for commercial use. That number is predicted to decrease as the market expands.

Solar energy is cheaper than ever, and the stats show that Americans want it available in their homes. 

The future of solar energy will depend heavily on tax credit incentives from the government, as well as solar education, to ensure this energy is truly accessible to all. 

Demand for clean energy like solar and wind will continue into 2023, with more energy companies merging and focusing on solving issues like reliability and grid storage issues.

Clean energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, continuing well through 2023. Consumer desire for solar is there; now, the focus will be on ensuring accessibility and expanding solar energy capabilities. 

Government incentives like tax credits are a great way to help people interested in solar make their home dreams come true.

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