Solar Generators – How Do They Help Homeowners?

solar generators

Solar Generators

Renewable energy is essential to preserving our environment and a key to our sustainable future. Not only are traditional energy sources finite/running out, but they continue to pollute the environment and accelerate global warming.

As Houston solar installers, we dedicate our careers to furthering clean-energy efforts. Please keep reading to learn more about solar generators, what they are, how they work, and how they help homeowners save money and contribute towards a more sustainable future. 

What are Solar Generators?

Typically when people talk about “solar generators,” they’re really referring to solar-powered battery backup systems. These systems utilize solar panels and large lithium-based storage batteries to collect energy from the sun and keep it ready for later use or sell energy back to the grid. 

How Do They Work?

A solar generator is a large box-like device that houses a battery and other components to monitor its energy input and output. 

Once the solar energy is collected from the solar array, it is converted and stored in the battery. On-board monitoring systems will trigger the solar generator (battery backup system) to release energy when needed and kick on when a grid power outage is detected. Depending on the property’s needs, these systems can be configured to operate differently. 

How Do They Help Homeowners?

Solar generators are important tools for homeowners. Climate change continues to have drastic consequences on the planet, including disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. These weather events can cause long-term power outages in the areas they impact. 

Solar generators can help ensure that you always have a backup power source if you live in an area where weather like this happens frequently. Even areas not susceptible to hurricane damage can still be ill-served by unreliable and overworked power grids

Similarly, fossil fuel sources contribute/perpetuate climate change, harming the planet. Fossil fuels burned release a lot of carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals into the atmosphere

Solar energy is a much more sustainable energy source that is not detrimental to the environment. For homeowners who care about preserving the environment and wish not to suffer from weather or grid-related blackouts, having a solar generator is a worthwhile investment.

Invest in Solar Energy

Solar energy is the future. Traditional energy sources continue to harm the environment and deposit large amounts of toxic chemicals into our air: the more solar power and alternative-sustainable energy sources we use as a species, the better.

As a local solar company, we work to ensure everyone can access solar energy. Our commitment to making solar energy affordable through our partnerships with financing companies makes us one of the best solar companies in Texas

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