Solar Farm – What Is the Trend About?

solar farm

Solar power is not only proving to be a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel energy, but it’s also an affordable investment for residential and commercial property owners alike! Solar farms are an eco-friendly equivalent to a traditional power plant, giving consumers a chance to choose solar for their energy needs instead of fossil fuels. Here’s an overview of what you should know about solar farms. 

What is a Solar Farm?

A solar farm is a vast, ground-mounted solar array that uses photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert sunlight into electricity. Otherwise known as a photovoltaic power station, solar farms act like power plants that route their generated power to a power grid. Unlike residential solar panels, solar farms produce electricity for several households. Solar farms are also commonly placed in convenient locations free from shading or other obstructions. 

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Types of Solar Farms


Sometimes referred to as solar power plants, utility-scale solar farms are large land areas filled with several solar panels that generate electricity for a grid. As their name suggests, these farms are typically owned by utility companies. Their sole purpose is to produce electricity for the utility company and their customers, making them much bigger than community solar farms. Utility solar farms can provide energy to residential, industrial, and commercial consumers. 

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Although they serve a similar purpose, community solar farms are much smaller than utility-scale solar farms. Community solar farms are primarily designed for residential homeowners, and the installation options allow homeowners to ground-mount solar panels instead of placing them on their roofs. Community solar farms typically cover a few acres and provide electricity to small, residential areas. Consumers can purchase a portion of the solar farm or lease its energy, using it as a utility. 

Running a Solar Farm

When utilizing solar farms over installing a rooftop solar system, there are different considerations. When discussing overall costs for installing solar panels, solar farms can be cheaper, depending on a few factors, like the installation size. Solar farms have become appealing to utility companies and a great competitor against fossil fuel energy sources. However, residential consumers may save more money by installing personal rooftop solar panels unless they plan to sell energy back to the grid or lease panels to their neighbors. 

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