Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels
Solar energy vs. fossil fuels, the debates regarding viability continue to this day. Fossil fuels have powered the world’s electricity for over a century. It’s considered a cheap and reliable form of energy, but the costs of using fossil fuels have been revealed to be harmful to the environment and humanity in the long run. Fossil fuels are considered a finite resource; however, solar energy offers a solution to many energy problems. Simply put, solar energy is eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective. Here’s what you need to know about solar energy vs. fossil fuels.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels refer to non-renewable sources of energy derived from prehistoric animals and plants found between several layers of rock. This energy source is categorized under coal, natural gas, and oil. Today’s fossil fuel industries drill and/or mine for these resources, and these are then burned to produce electricity or refined to utilize as fuel. Unfortunately, fossil fuels have contributed to ¾ of human-created carbon emissions in the past 20 years. 

Solar Energy

Solar energy refers to power generated from the sun’s UV rays; this is created when photovoltaic devices like solar panels generate electricity from direct sunlight. It’s currently the most renewable and clean energy source available. With solar energy, photovoltaic cells can generate power to suit energy needs ranging from the smallest cell phone to an entire industrial building. Solar energy is also very flexible and capable of running utility-scale or community solar farms. 

Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels; Going Solar Has Long-Lasting Benefits 

Solar energy’s benefits far outweigh its weaknesses. Yes, solar energy can be more expensive than fossil fuel electricity on average, currently. However, photovoltaic devices are far more efficient and resourceful than burning fossil fuels. The installation of solar panels is a considerable up-front cost, but consumers save much more money in the long run than fossil fuels. The sun is an endless energy source; thus, once a solar panel is installed, consumers always have access to low-cost electricity if they maintain their systems.

Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

The economic benefits of solar energy are a great selling point, but we haven’t even discussed its positive impact on the environment. Fossil fuels have significantly contributed to pollution, land damage, and water contamination. Meanwhile, solar energy is renewable and environmentally friendly. The benefits of going solar only continue to expand with certain states offering tax incentives and home values increasing with the addition of solar panels.  Are you thinking of going solar? Sunshine Renewable Solutions is one of the premier solar companies in Houston. Please reach out to learn more about solar installations in Texas, the growing Texas solar market, or more key differences between solar Energy vs. fossil fuels.