Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels; What Does Texas’ Future Look Like?

Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

The Lone Star state has long been associated with the oil industry. But, in recent years, there has been a shift towards renewable energy, particularly solar energy. With the potential for the coexistence of oil and solar energy in Texas, it is worth examining what the future of energy production in the state might look like. Spoiler alert, we see solar getting a lot more attention!

Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels in Texas

Currently, Texas is the leading producer of oil in the United States, and the oil and gas industry is a major contributor to the state’s economy. At the same time, Texas has been experiencing a boom in solar energy. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Texas ranked second in the nation for solar energy capacity additions in 2020, behind only California.

The coexistence of oil and solar energy is a concept that has been introduced previously. In fact, many oil and gas companies are now diversifying their portfolios to include renewable energy, including solar; this can be seen in Texas, where some of the largest oil and gas companies, including BP and Shell, have invested in solar projects.

The Vast Potential of Solar in Texas

The potential benefits of solar energy in Texas are numerous. For one, solar energy is a renewable resource not subject to the price volatility that has plagued the oil industry. Additionally, solar energy is a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Despite the benefits of solar energy, it will take time for Texas to migrate off the oil industry completely. The oil and gas industry has been deeply entrenched in the state’s economy for decades. However, there will come a point where renewables, including solar, hold the majority share of energy cultivation and export.

To get there, it is important to focus on building a strong solar industry in Texas; this means investing in solar infrastructure, such as solar farms and subsidized solar panels for homes and businesses. It also means supporting the growth of the best solar companies in Texas and incentivizing consumers to adopt solar energy.

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Solar Energy vs. Fossil Fuels in Texas – Looking to the Future

Looking to the future, the coexistence of oil and solar energy will continue in Texas for some time. However, as solar energy becomes more affordable and accessible, it will increasingly become the preferred choice for energy production and export.

This shift towards renewable energy is not just driven by environmental concerns but also by economic considerations. Solar energy is becoming increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuels, making it a more attractive option for businesses and homeowners.

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