Solar Energy Facts- Quick Guide

Solar energy is a clean source for energy. Solar panel systems technology is very mature and viable, thus making fossil fuel energy a thing of the past.  With recent solar energy savings put in place at the state and federal level, solar energy systems are more affordable than ever.  This guide is to provide a facts about solar energy that people may not know because they think that it is just the source of producing electricity. Well, let’s check out some facts about solar energy!

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4 Quick Facts About Solar Energy

Well, the facts about solar energy are numerous, but here we will share with you the most prominent ones. If you are looking to invest in solar technology, take a look at these facts.

1.    Solar Energy is the Most Abundant Energy Source

The energy produced by the sun on Earth each hour is more than enough for the needs of humans living on the planet. The scale of its usefulness and ability to fulfill our needs can be rated by the fact that just an hour of capturing solar energy each year is better than the coal, natural gas, and the fossil fuel energy that we get after so much effort and pollution. For instance, you spread solar panels just on the entire desert of Mojave, it will help you generate the amount of electricity that can fulfill the requirements for energy in the entire USA for the whole year. This is the scale of opportunity of this energy source.

2.    Solar Energy is Cheaper than Fossil Fuel Energy

According to the statistics about the cost of solar energy compared to fossil fuel energy, solar energy costs 50 percent less. Almost around 4.3 cents is the cost of solar energy per kilowatt an hour, while for the fossil fuel energy which is natural gas costs around 7.8 cents per kilowatt an hour. On cost basis, it is crossing the coal, natural gas, tar, oil, and every other source of energy on planet. All you have to realize is that solar energy is the cheaper energy source, and the best option to use because the decrease in the cost is also indicated further in the future. Solar energy is becoming more and more affordable with time.


3.    99 Percent Fall in Price

Well, this is huge and very few people know about this. According to the research done by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research, initially, the cost of solar panels was 77 dollars per watt in 1977. Right now, it has fallen down to just 0.2 dollars per watt. It is 99 percent downfall in the cost. This is groundbreaking for the customers, business owners, and the investors too.

4.    Solar Energy is Long-Lasting and Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels are made to last.  Typically, solar panels last for at least 20 to 25 years.  Other than this solar panels are environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment like the mining of coal, fossil fuel burning, etc. Solar panels are eco-friendly in manufacturing and use as well.


Solar energy has many related facts that a many do not know. It is something that is helping us in so many ways that we cannot even imagine. Be it the production of electricity, powering homes, replacement of fossil fuels and low cost, this energy source is breaking grounds in all fields.