Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers vs. Trusted Installers

solar energy equipment suppliers

Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers vs. Installers

If you are a home or business owner, switching to solar energy is becoming more appealing with each advance in technology and publication about energy savings. 

Even so, installing solar panels on your home or business can come with some challenging questions to answer. It can be hard to decide how to arrange the panels, which manufacturer to trust, and how many you need. 

Some property owners may think to themselves, “after buying new solar panels, installing them myself seems like a cost-friendly and practical option.” But, we must insist this is a short-sighted idea, and it’s always best to have a local solar company design and install your system for you. 

We’ll go over the differences between solar energy equipment suppliers and installers and why going direct to a supplier and installing a solar array system yourself is ill-advised in most circumstances. 

Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers 

Solar energy equipment suppliers are businesses (or individuals) that sell solar panels directly to customers or other businesses. Every person who purchases a new solar panel does so through a transaction with a supplier. Depending on the company, suppliers may or may not also be the manufacturers of their products.

Suppliers can be salesmen who are not trained to install a solar array system or answer technical questions about solar panel installation – they are hired to sell the product. For many, that’s where the job ends. 

On the other hand, certified solar installers are skilled laborers trained to design, engineer, and install a complete solar energy cultivation system. 

Professional solar installation teams will work from the beginning to ensure that the system installed is appropriate for the energy cultivation goals and that they hand off a high-performance system to the property owner when the job is completed. 

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Do I Need An Solar Installer?

While installing your solar array system alone is not impossible and can seem appealing from the cost perspective, it comes with unique challenges.

Many “do-it-yourself” solar panel installation kits are designed for beginners and are not equipped to handle the full energy needs of a family home. These kits are more often suited to the needs of campers, tiny homes, or other recreational vehicles. 

If you are using solar power for any of those reasons or want to supplement your home energy use with minimal solar energy, DIY kits can be appealing. Consulting with an expert is the only way to go if you want to switch your entire home to run on, or store, solar energy. Attempting large-scale electrical work creates a high risk of dangerous accidents.

On average, solar panels last 25 years on your roof. However, improper installation can shorten their lifespan and cost you more money if reinstallation or replacement is required.

If you’re interested in installing solar panels to power your home but don’t want to take the risky DIY route and buy from direct-to-consumer solar energy equipment suppliers, Sunshine Renewable Solutions is here to help! 

We are a premier Houston solar installer with decades of combined experience. As one of the best solar companies in Texas, our experienced installers will guide you through every step of the installation process, unlike many solar energy equipment suppliers. 

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