Solar panels co op in Houston TX

Go Solar with a Houston Solar Co-op

To get started, join the Solar United Neighbors’ West Houston co-op!

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is proud to announce our partnership with Solar United Neighbors’ West Houston co-op.  This partnership will bring Houston residents and business owners knowledgeable solar panel experts at competitive solar pricing.  With our expert knowledge of solar and your commitment to go solar, we can collectively make Houston a greener place.  

Solar Panel Provider

We make going solar easy.

Our mission “Doing right by our community and the environment that sustains it” is what drives Sunshine Renewable Solutions.  Our passion is translated by our diverse Houston team to help our community save money using safer and cleaner energy.  We simplify going solar by offering our customers a turnkey solution.  Our philosophy is to execute all steps flawlessly, utilizing the best solar equipment and processes to maximize your solar investment.  

Solar panel installation in Sugarland TX

Superior Customer Service

From the beginning, we offer complimentary consultations at your Houston home or office.  Here we will access your goals of your solar panel system project.  Once your goals have been defined, we will provide finance solutions.  From there you will work with our system development, design and engineering.  When the system is designed, we will ensure your project has all necessary permitting.  Then, here comes the fun part, installation.  Our solar panel installation team will be on site ready to take you solar.  Finally, once the installation is complete, we will teach you about the operations and maintenance of your new solar energy system. 

Roof mount solar panel system

Professional Solar Installers

We understand that going solar can seem like a bit undertaking, but Sunshine Renewable Solutions and Solar United Neighbors’ West Houston co-op are here for you.  Going solar in a coop allows you to be around like-minded individuals with the same goals.  You will have direct access to SRS experts as well as the members of the West Houston co-op

Go Solar in a Co-op

Our reputation is best in class.  Don’t take our word, our 5-star rating on Google says it all. 

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