Solar Backup Generator – Seize Power When You Need It

solar backup generator
Texas stays near the top of the list for the most common US power outages, and this year is no different. Due to summer power demands, NPR reports that power outages are expected throughout the summer and in parts of the Midwest. Power outages in Texas are already occurring. In May, power grids failed due to high heat and left thousands of Texas residents without power. Six power plants were down, and Texas residents were asked to limit power use. Interest in solar power and backup generators has increased with summer heating up. A solar backup generator may be an effective option for your home to stay cool this summer.

Solar Backup Generator

Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity for your home, often working simultaneously with your city’s power grid. For example, a solar energy system installed in your home can help you save money by reducing the electricity your home requires from the power grid. The use of power through solar panels or the power grid happens in real-time as needed throughout the day. A solar backup generator works with solar panels to store energy in a battery for use when the sun is not actively shining or when a power outage occurs. Solar generators can be installed in homes or come as portable devices in places with no access to electricity, so they have become a popular option in areas without access to a local power grid.

Benefits of Having a Solar Backup Generator

Solar power with a solar backup generator is a significant advantage if you live in an area where power outages are common and likely to continue.  Solar backup generators last longer than traditional gas-powered generators and require less maintenance. Another substantial advantage, especially in light of continually increasing fuel prices, is that solar backup generators do not rely on outside fuel sources. When considering solar backup options for your home, it’s important to think about the amount of power you need and want during a power outage. Working with reputable, local solar power companies that understand power needs and specific power concerns in your area is critical when searching for the best options for your home. Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a premier residential and commercial solar company in Houston. If you have solar panels and are ready to add a solar backup generator to your home, contact us online or call (832)280-8838.
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