Sol-Ark; The Standard to Strive For


sol-arkThe Standard to Strive For

Some brands and distributors in the United States hold so much trust and goodwill with American consumers that they unquestionably earn their place at the top of the food chain in their market. This type of achievement doesn’t come overnight and is typically earned through decades of proven service. 

These companies have a few traits in common; they are homegrown and renowned for reliability, quality, and impressive lifespans. We all know these brands when we see them or hear their name. L.L. Bean for outdoor gear/clothing, or McIntosh for Hi-Fi home audio components. 

These products may cost more upfront than their competitors, but consumers are delighted to pay more because they know the expense is justified. Consumers can rest assured that their purchase will last for decades, and the money they pay is going into the areas of the company to ensure this quality standard is upheld. 

To provide an even more extreme example of brand trust, while it can take centuries, some companies become so synonymous with reference-level goods/performance that their products become the predominant term for the goods within the industry. For instance, there’s Kleenex with tissues and Coke with soda/soft drinks. They’ve sat atop the market share for so long that their brand has literally become the dominant term for the product! It’s quite incredible once you think about it. 


Sol-Ark; Reference-Level Performance, in Every Way. 

So, as Houston solar installers, what’s the reference/point of us mentioning this? Well, the homegrown brand we know to be on par with all of these companies mentioned above is Sol-Ark. Sol-Ark not only meets the criteria of the top American manufacturers listed above, but they’re also innovating in ways we don’t see other solar vendors attempting to. 

Frankly, we don’t plug or endorse brands/vendors we don’t respect. As a growing residential and commercial solar company, it doesn’t help us one bit to promote products that give us headaches in the field and jeopardize our reputation. So, yea, you can say we are big supporters of what Sol-Ark is doing, which is why we’re creating a series of articles to highlight the company. 

Sol-Ark – Why They Stand Apart From the Rest

This is the first of a multi-part blog series on Sol-Ark. So as not to spoil the rest of the goods, here’s a breakdown of why Sol-Ark is so special, which will be examined further in accompanying posts. 

  • All-in-one solutions 

Sol-Ark’s products are mostly all-in-one systems that combine solar inverters with battery storage and power backup components into one robust, rugged chassis.

  • Well-built, tough components 

“Built tough” is an oversold term for many brands today, but believe us when we say Sol-Ark components are TOUGH, like withstand an EMP-blast tough. The company was founded by two veterans who worked in military engineering; the equipment is built for performance and longevity, not chic, impactless aesthetics. 

  • High-efficiency and high-performance output

Sol-Ark designs its system to yield some of the highest-performing energy output levels of any solar equipment available for residential or commercial applications. With rates up to 98.5%, the efficiency and power management capabilities are unparalleled. Sol-Ark is the solution for our clients that need the most of their solar array and are unwilling to waste energy. 

  • Customer-focused and quality obsessed

Any company with a great reputation has to work vigorously to maintain it, and Sol-Ark risks nothing with its reputation amongst solar installers and end users. When you build equipment as carefully and tactfully as Sol-Ark, you can back it up with warranties and support that large-scale manufacturers can’t come close to. Just like us, Sol-Ark is obsessed with the quality of its work, which is why they’ve maintained a great reputation to this day. 

Sol-Ark Innovation is Ongoing

We’re excited to see what products and solar solutions Sol-Ark creates as the solar market grows. Stay tuned for our follow-up articles getting into more specifics of Sol-Ark products and company ideologies.

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