Sol-Ark: Leading Solar Innovation in the United States


If you have considered switching to solar for your home, business, or other property, you may have seen how many solar technology distributors and solar companies are out there. However, some companies stand out from the rest with their innovative approaches to design and production. 

One of these standouts is Sol-Ark. The company offers solutions that allow for 100% off-grid home solar systems. Let’s go over what makes them one of the leading solar innovation companies in the United States and why we choose to be installers and distributors for their solutions. 

Product Spotlight

Sol-Ark offers various products to suit homeowners’ unique and varying needs. However, their flagship system has gotten much-deserved attention recently. Sol-Ark makes the most advanced solar generator system on the market, the Sol-Ark 15K; this is a true whole-home backup system with zero compromises on performance. 

With a system of this caliber, you’ll still have power when disaster strikes and the grid isn’t functioning. 

Streamlined Installations 

One of the main benefits of Sol-Ark solutions is that they are installer-friendly, and their systems take less installation time with all-in-one designs. Forego complicated installations, skip piecemealing different components together – streamline the whole process with a Sol-Ark system.


High-Performance Specs

The Sol-Ark 15K is built to power a whole home and last long periods, even in the most demanding circumstances. The model features 3 MPPTs and 15kw of continuous power. The 15k also offers a wide wiring area, giving installers the space to equip their products properly. 

Innovative Solutions

They offer innovative solutions that others don’t, such as remote monitoring. These solutions can help you understand your system’s performance, no matter where you are. 

Additionally,  tech support is available seven days a week, offering unparalleled service. Sol-Ark is a veteran-owned, US-based company producing the best solar and energy storage solutions. We are proud to be one of the trusted and officially sanctioned dealers and installers for their products. 

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a local solar company based in Houston. As one of the best solar companies in Texas, we want to ensure our clients love their solar array systems as much as we do, so work with local Houston solar installers to design/install your new system. 

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