Sol-Ark Inverters and Solar Solutions – Built Texan Tough

Sol-Ark Inverters
So, what else can we say about Sol-Ark that we haven’t said thus far in the accompanying articles of this company-focused series? We’ve discussed their story, reputation, and covered the Sol-Ark 15k, the hybrid solar inverter that stands leagues above the competition. We’ve yet to discuss Sol-Ark’s overarching intention and its brand theme; build standard-setting solar inverters/solar equipment for Texas, in Texas. As the great Kevin Millar would say, “Cowboy Up.”

Sol-Ark is Texas Focused

When people think of companies from different states, the ones that come to top-of-mind are those that not only produce a great product but have their local market as their first and foremost priority. Some examples of this would be L.L Bean, great outdoor clothing and gear, but before it went national/international, its products were designed to serve their customers’ lifestyles in Maine. Burton Snowboards from Vermont and O’Neill surfing equipment from California are two other examples of companies that have garnered national accolades but never lose sight of where they came from and who their products are meant to serve.  We’re not the first to say it, and certainly won’t be the last, but Sol-Ark is a company making products/solutions engineered for the Texas solar market first.

Sol-Ark Inverters and Solutions for Texas Solar

Texas is in the early stages of a “solar gold rush.” Only one or two other states in the country are poised for solar success, like Texas. The abundant supply of sunshine, the vast landscape with relatively flat topography, the enthusiasm from residential and commercial consumers, and state-wide political support all yield the perfect environment for solar power to flourish. Texas is still an oil state, but a paradigm shift has begun.  To meet Texas’s energy production potential, you need equipment built for the environment and capable of meeting/surpassing demands and expectations. Here are just a few of how Sol-Ark has set the standard for Texan solar equipment:
  • Output Potential

Sol-Ark designs all of its hybrid inverter systems to maximize the yield panels can produce, and in Texas, solar panels can produce a lot of power. The Sol-Ark 15k can output 15kilowats of continuous power, which would have been laughable numbers to suggest in a residential application just a few years back. While designed for the home, but amp ratings/output potential of Sol-Ark equipment typically exceeds the energy demands of most homes.
  • Built as Whole Home Solutions

Systems break down when too many manufacturers, adapters, converters, and workarounds get involved, and it’s an awful experience for homeowners looking for “set it and forget it” solutions. Sol-Ark understands this, so it builds its products to last, integrate with existing systems, and provide seamless operation without the need to source a hodgepodge of parts from other suppliers. Whether a homeowner is going for full energy independence, sits on a stack of whole-home backup batteries, or splits their energy needs with the grid, Sol-Ark’s hybrid inverters accommodate all. 
  • Built in Texas with Attention to Detail

We can’t belabor this point enough, Sol-Ark has Texas running through its veins. The company was started by veterans who happened to be engineers and designed military-grade equipment for defense applications. They’ve taken that experience and their skillsets to design solar equipment that cuts no corners, is not mass-produced, is built to last, and above all else, performs at levels the Texas solar market deserves. 

Sol-Ark, Our Friends and Partners

The whole team at Sunshine Renewable Solutions is aligned with the ideologies Sol-Ark follows and the results their solutions produce. We would not have dedicated a full series of articles written about them if we didn’t. As certified Gold Installers for Sol-Ark, we’re proud of and thankful for our ongoing professional relationship with the company. Whether Sol-Ark ascends on the international stage or not, we know their roots and heart are always with Texas! As premier Houston solar installers, we’d happily answer any questions you have regarding Sol-Ark for your next project.