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Sol Ark Battery Backup

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Sol-Ark is a Veteran owned engineering company with the mission of helping families be less dependent on our vulnerable Power Grid in an affordable way. While Sol-Ark is well known for their solar inverters, they also have made a high-quality battery backup. Sol-Ark produced the PCC-230 battery backup. This is used with the EMP hardening systems.

Sol Ark Battery Backup require no maintenance so there is no watering required and no Off-Gassing.  The PCC batteries have the lowest cost per cycle of any battery available commercially.  In addition, Sol- Ark batteries come with a 7+ year @ 50% DoD/ 12+ years @ 30% DoD

The Partial Charge Carbon Solar Battery: PCC-230 Specifications

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Sol-Ark batteries offer grid tied mode, meter zero mode, and smart mode. The grid tied mode will allow you to sell your power to the grid. The meter zero mode allows you to zero your whole home power. Furthermore, the smart mode allows programmable loads for high power off-grid items to save battery capacity.

Sol-Ark battery backup

Sunshine Renewable Solutions proudly installs Sol Ark Battery Backup in Texas. We have local solar offices in all major cities in Texas, such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Contact us today to setup a complimentary consultation to review if Sol Ark Battery backups are right for your solar panel project.

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