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Here, you can see the entire process of adopting solar through a genuine Residential Solar Installer.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions.

Although the names and address have been changed, the actual system shown below was designed and installed by us last year.

1. Proposal

Once we assessed the Smith household’s energy consumption, we designed a custom-fitted solar energy system for them, then made projections for their return on investment and carbon offset. We then presented everything to them in a neatly prepared proposal packet, intended to arm them with all the info they need in order to make an informed solar purchase decision.

Below is an example of what to expect if you choose Sunshine Renewable Solutions as your Residential Solar Installer


A Customized Proposal For

Joe Smith

123 Main St, Spring, TX


Created By Sunshine Renewable Solutions

Jeff, Sid & Adam

4011 Valley Green Court, Houston,TX USA

Why Go Solar?



According to a study by Berkeley National Labs, a solar installation can improve a home’s market value by 20%*


The amount of clean energy you generate in each year compared to conventional utilities will be equivalent to:


383,893 Fewer Miles


4,134 Tree Seedlings for 10 years


34 passenger cars off the road per year.

*Selling Into the Sun: Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar Homes”. Hoen, Ben and Wiser, Ryan et al, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy”

Your Solar Energy System


System Size (DC)



of your energy generated from solar

Your solar system will employ the latest in smart-solar technology


Solar Panels

Peimar SG300M (BF)


SolarEdge Technologies Inc. SE10000A-US (240V)

10.50 KW

14,977 kWh


of your electric bill saved from solar

What is the Cost of Not Getting Solar?



Energy prices are projected to increase every year. A solar investment protects against these hikes and keeps generating more and more value every year

How Much Will You Save with Solar?



How much you’ll save on energy in 20 years*



Est. monthly utility bill


Est. monthly utility bill in 20 years



Est. monthly utility bill


Est. monthly utility bill in 20 years

*Estimated savings after the system purchase, financing, and operating costs. Assumes utility rates increase 3% per year, and cashflows discounted at 3.0%.



EST. Year-1 Monthly Energy Bill

$150 Without Solar

-$0 With Solar

$150 Est. Year-1Monthly Savings

$28,665 System Cost

-$8,600 Federal Tax Credit

$20,066 Net System Cost

*Estimated savings after system purchase, financing, and operating costs. Assumes utility rates increase 3% per year, and cashflows discounted at 3.0%

What People Are Saying


“I very much enjoyed working with both Sid and Jeff at Sunshine Renewable Solutions. They were professional and capably completed the installation of a 13.2 kW solar energy system at our home. All of the 7 references I called were unequivocally positive about their installations. The system has just come online and is generating the expected amount of power to offset our yearly consumption. We have had no issues with their work and highly recommend them.”

David purchased a 13.2 kW system in 2018.

We have been wanting solar for the last 5 years, and have reviewed at least 5 companies. We almost went with a big solar provider, but then we came across Sunshine Renewable Solutions. We got top-quality panels and materials for a very good price. The whole process from the contract sign to the final installation was done smoothly and quickly. I highly recommend this company.”

Doksha purchased an 11.1 kW system in 2018

Solar Frequently Asked Questions*


If the grid goes down, will my home still be powered by solar?​

In short, without a battery backup system, your solar energy system will shut down immediately in the event of a grid outage. This is required by law as a protection against back-feeding power into the lines as they are being serviced.

How much maintenance is necessary?​

To ensure your solar system runs at peak efficiency, we recommend simply rinsing off your panels with a garden hose if ever you’re able to see a change in their color resulting from collection of dust or pollen.

Will my HOA allow me to install solar panels?​

In Texas, HOAs are not legally able to disallow installation of a residential solar energy system. If they ask that some or all of your panels be relocated to another roof surface for aesthetic reasons, we are simply required to show that those panels will produce at least 10% more power when placed as designed.

What warranties will cover my system?​

Sunshine Renewable Solutions only installs new products with full manufacturer’s warranties. These warranties typically range from 12 to 25 year, and are complemented by our 2-year workmanship warranty. Once you’ve added it to your policy, your solar energy system will be covered against force major damage by your homeowner’s insurance.

Can I sell excess energy back to my electric provider?​

Sunshine Renewable Solutions only installs new products with full manufacturer’s warranties. These warranties typically range from 12 to 25 year, and are complemented by our 2-year workmanship warranty. Once you’ve added it to your policy, your solar energy system will be covered against force major damage by your homeowner’s insurance.

Our Process



Evaluate unique needs of household and design custom-fitted solution.

SECURE FINANCING (if required)

Choose the right loan product for your project.


Sign off on final system design and contract terms.


Secure municipal, utility, & H.O.A. approval for your solar system.

INSTALLATION (50% due upon completion)

Professional installation of your solar system, typically done within 5 days.

SAVINGS (10% due)

Final inspection, power up solar system, generate your own clean power.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you achieve your goal of powering your home with clean, renewable energy that you own. Our mission at Sunshine Renewable Solutions is “doing good by our community and the environment that sustains it,”You represent our next opportunity to further this objective. Together, we can drastically reduce atmospheric C02 emissions – and save you a bunch of money in the process! We hope you’re excited by the solar energy solution we’ve designed for your home. We’re excited to help you get started toward making it a reality.

-The Sunshine Renewable Solutions Team


This proposal was prepared and presented to you by Sunshine Renewable Solutions. The information provided in this proposal is a preliminary estimate for illustration purpose only and is not a binding agreement or obligation. Actual system production and savings are not guaranteed. The syste, design may change based on a detailed engineering site audit. A solar energy system is customized for your home, so its pricing, actual system production and savings will vary based on the final positioning, system size, design, configuration, utility rates, applicable rebates, tax benefits realized, and your household’s energy usage. The following are best-effort projections based on all available information at the time that this solar energy system was designed, including the latest solar irradiance data from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). We take our projections very seriously and do our best to ensure that they are accurate and thorough every time.

Financing terms may vary and are not available in all locations. Tax credits and incentives, if any, are not guaranteed. This proposal is not an approval for a loan, and all financing terms are subject to approval.

Key Proposal Assumptions:

The information provided in this proposal, such as savings calculations, is based on the following assumptions:

Utility Assumptions:

    • Utility Company – CenterPoint Energy
    • Current Utility Rate – 12.3¢
    • Current Estimated Annual Utility Bill – $1,800
    • Annual Utility Price Inflation – 3%

System Assumptions:

  • System Size – 10.50 kW
  • Annual System Degradation due to soiling and general wear – 99.5%
  • Total System Cost – $28,665

(If you’d like Sunshine Renewable Solutions to design a solar energy system for your household and provide you with a custom proposal like the one above, get started by signing up for a free site inspection here.)

2. Installation

We pride ourselves in top-quality workmanship. Our installation teams are comprised of some of the most experienced and talented professionals in the business. As is the case with most Sunshine systems, the Smiths’ installation went from delivery of materials, to a professional fit and finish on a complete system worthy of showing off to their neighbors—all inside of three days’ time!

Installing PV panels:

Newly installed inverter:

3. Monitoring

As soon as we turned on the Smiths’ solar system, they were able to begin monitoring its realtime health and production from anywhere in the world, using their smartphones. This feature is enabled by their ‘smart’ inverter, which is simply connected to their home wifi. What’s more, we also have access, and continually monitor their system to ensure that everything is operating as expected.

4. Savings

The Smith’s solar energy system has been producing very nicely during the sunny days of spring. Below is an actual invoice from their electric provider which shows a credit to their account of $103.30. Yes, they owe -$103.30! This is because of a feature of their electric plan called ‘one-to-one net metering.’ In short, this means that any power generated by the Smiths’ solar energy system in excess of the amount they consume is actually purchased from the Smiths by Green Mountain for the same price per kWh that the Smiths pay.

View of Completed System

Solar Panels for your home in Houston, TX

Solar panels for your home are one of the main focuses at Sunshine Renewable Solutions and we are proud to offer our solar customers a wide variety of solar panel systems for their homes. We offer our residential customers solar panels from the best solar panel companies in the market, such as LG, Panasonic, and Silfab. Additionally, we offer solar panel inverters and solar panel battery backups for sale in Houston, TX, so no matter what your solar goals, we can help you find it.

Our headquarters is located in Houston, TX and we offer local solar panel installer offices in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Amarillo, and El Paso. These offices allow you to work with our local solar panel installers to complete your solar system project.

Regardless of what your residential solar panel needs are, we are sure you’ll be impressed by our turnkey approach. We look forward to working with you!

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