Peimar Solar Panels

Peimar solar panel roof mount

Peimar is an Italian based company that specializes in the design, research, and production of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules. The Peimar’s on-grid solar panels include several lines with different characteristics, but with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. They produce on-grid solar panels that vary in features to fit your specific solar panel project.

These panels come with a best in class warranty as well. The warranty is a 30-year linear power warranty and a 20-year product warranty. Also, they guarantee a positive power output tolerance, module fire performance: class 1, anti-reflective glass, and hailstorm resistance.

Their R&D department plays a critical role in the innovation process of their solar panels.

Let's take a look at some of the Peimar Solar Panels of their models Sunshine Renewable Solutions installs:


This high quality mixed with modern and attractive design offers 2 residential lines as well as 1 commercial line. 

Residential Line – 60 cells

SG315M (BF) & SG310M (FB)

Peimar solar panel

Commercial lines – 72 cells


Peimar solar panels

All Peimar monocrystalline solar panels are produced using an innovative production process and advanced engineering techniques.  This provides customers with maximum output with their solar panels. By doing this, it allows fewer panels to be used to generate more energy, ideal if space is restricted or environmental conditions are challenging. Modern design, using matching black cells and frames and a very long lifespan, ensure this monocrystallines are a great option.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a proud installer of Peimar monocrystalline solar panels in Texas. We have local offices in all major cities in Texas, such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin.  We, also,  have the best ratings in Texas, check it out!

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