Off-Grid Solar Power Systems – Some Expert Advice!

off-grid solar power systems

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems – Energy Independence

People all over the country are making the switch to solar power, and Texas is no exception to this trend. In fact, Texas solar output ranks 2nd nationally for solar capacity installed through 2021. With utility prices on the rise, it’s no big surprise that many are switching to solar to seize control of their energy costs and contribute to a better future. 

But, what does it all cost? What different types of solar systems are there? This article will cover the three primary types of solar power systems, including off-grid solar power systems, and the benefits of each. When you switch to solar, you’ll have the knowledge to help source the right type of system for your needs!

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

To start, it’s critical to understand the three primary types of residential and commercial solar power systems. Each system is different in how they store and transfer power, and each type will also have different installation and running costs too. The three main system types we speak of are off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solar systems.

Many people find the idea of an off-grid system appealing because of the freedom you get from the utility company. Going off-grid and offsetting your carbon footprint is a goal for many homeowners today; while getting completely off-grid will pay for itself over time, it does come with higher upfront costs. 

To be completely sustainable, off-grid solar power systems must have enough battery storage capacity to run the home for days to ensure power outages do not occur. Being off-grid means you do not have any connection to the power grid; you’re completely responsible for generating all the power your home needs.

Before the batteries are factored in, off-grid solar power systems might cost around $18,000 – $25,000 for the equipment. But, with enough batteries to hold power for a couple of days, you could be looking at a total system cost of $70,000-$100,000 before any of your tax credits and incentives are applied. Energy independence is great, but currently, the price tag is too high for most homeowners to get into the club, which is why on-grid or hybrid systems may be better suited for the masses. 

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On-grid Solar Power Systems

To avoid buying multiple batteries, you could opt for an on-grid or “grid-tied” system. Experienced solar companies in Texas can connect your solar power system to the existing power grid and eliminate the need for battery backup storage. 

Excess power generated by your system can be sold back to the utility company through what’s known as net metering. If there isn’t any sun for a few days, your home will still have power because it can also draw from the grid. You can still expect a few fees and taxes on your utility bill, but it’s a great option for many homeowners. 

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems are the best of both worlds for most homeowners. By utilizing minimal battery backups and maintaining a connection to the existing power grid, hybrid systems allow for independence from the utility companies unless there is a dire need. Also, in the event of a power outage, hybrid systems can still function normally, unlike a fully grid-tied system. 

No matter which system is right for you, you’ll need the experts to get the job done right. As one of the premier solar companies in Houston, We will help educate you on what system will work best for your needs and budget. 

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