Meet Sunshine Renewable Solutions

"Doing right by our community and the environment that sustains it.”

We are a passionate solar panel installation company with locations in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, San Antonio and El Paso TX. We are a diverse team with extensive experience in various industries apart from solar, including oil and gas, construction, accounting and finance. But our love for helping our friends, family and community to save money using safer and cleaner energy is what has brought us all together.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions (SRS) is a turnkey solar solution provider for our residential and commercial clientele.  Our mission, “doing right by our community and the environment that sustains it,” defines who we are to the core.

We accomplish this philosophy by flawlessly executing each step—utilizing best-in-class solar equipment and processes to maximize your investment. From rooftop and ground-mounted solar energy systems to battery backups and EV chargers, SRS is the turnkey solution to all of your solar energy needs.
Our Services include:

  • Consulting and Goal Assessment
  • Project Finance Solutions
  • System Development
  • Design and Engineering
  • Project Permitting
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Energy Monitoring


Making sure you have a beautiful solar energy system that operates at optimal efficiency to guarantee our clients maximum savings is the most important goal for us. We don’t rush a single step in our process until we are absolutely certain we’ve done it perfectly. Our portfolio of experience demonstrates an efficient process without sacrificing quality. Our crews are trained in-house which means that we do not sub-contract installers like some of our competitors.


Working a corporate job never fully satisfied us. We wanted to work for a company and industry where we could make a difference with integrity. We started Sunshine Renewable Solutions (SRS) because we truly believe in solar and how much people could save with solar. We are passionate about helping our community and do so with integrity. We love engaging with our clients directly in person to guarantee that we are meeting our clients needs.


Safety is our utmost concern. Before Sunshine Renewable Solutions (SRS), our team had been sub-contracted for solar panel installations all across Texas for various solar companies. We have worked with solar companies all throughout the United States and used our experience to develop our process with safety at its core. All of our materials and equipment exceed industry standards, and we ensure each member of our crew is properly trained with all of our equipment and tools.

Meet Sunshine Renewable Solutions

Meet Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a proud to serve the Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso, TX areas. Our extensive knowledge of solar panels for your business and solar panels for your home will help you make the right choice when it comes to solar energy.  But don’t just listen to us, our solar panel customers will tell you their experiences also. Our team of dedicated solar panel installers are here to ensure that every customer’s solar energy needs are completely satisfied, so click here to get a free solar panel quote today.